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I am a real life Buddhist Monk, and have been for almost 11 rains or years. I was ordained in North Thailand and spent my first 5 years learning the Buddhist monastic code, chanting, and training in meditation

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Dhamma Tapasa

I actually practice an ancient way of life dating back over 2,500 years I am practicing Thudong Monk, this means I am a wandering Monk. For over 5 years I have been wandering and have travelled through parts of Thailand and into the Shan State of Myanmar. After being offered a plane ticket back to my home country of England, have now wandered across Europe visiting such wonderful Meditation Masters as Thich Nhat Hanh in France, finally finding my way, presently on the South Coast of Portugal

Over the course of my wanderings I have found a companion in a street dog I’ve now officially adopted and affectionately call Marley Moo, he came and cuddled into me while I was meditating one day, and has never left. How magically life is.

However this single act of kindness in officially adopting Marley Moo has caused opinions from plenty on the matter, and along with a few other small disagreements regarding taking monetary donations to buy what I need to survive, via a bank account and PayPal, as well as owning a few extra possessions, have now lost me my connection with my monastery, and the Thai Sangha, receiving no more monetary support or help from them in anyway.

What the Thailand Sangha didn’t understand is the complexities and differences from living as a monk in Thailand to that of Europe. I do however understand that I have also behaved incorrectly in two ways, namely I opened a bank account in my old name, because I hadn’t changed it on the English deed poll register, and possession of Marley. My wonderful abbot was always supportive and encouraging, however the pressure of the Thai Sangha has forced him to reluctantly let me go. I was never disrobed or expelled from being a Buddhist monk, just have no support. It caused me to question myself and examine deep my desires to be a monk, it was my lowest moment and even took the orange robes off while I thought what to do.

My focus and aim has always been the same, to achieve enlightenment, I only adapted to fit in with the shape of society within Europe, and possessed Marley Moo by officially registering him, I feel my misdemeanours have not been enough for me to quit. I am committed with my whole heart and soul into discovering the realities or illusions of my mind and the search for enlightenment. I now don the saffron robes because it is my choice of colour. I will never give up my search for enlightenment.

I do need your support and help in every way possible, Europe is a wonderful place to be a Buddhist Monk and the interest and warmth I receive is as wonderful as in Thailand, my needs are minimal but occasionally Marley or myself need medical treatment, something which isn’t given freely like it was in Thailand to monks.

This website also requires money to keep it running, it is only written using a mobile phone but this does need monetary input sometimes.

All donations are always gratefully received and in return for any size donation I would like to give you a free Gift. To Meditate with a Monk.

I would love for you to have the opportunity to Meditate with a real Monk. With technology of today no matter where you are in the world, this is possible. So donate now to meditate with Dhamma Tapasa a real thudong wandering monk.

Kind regards

Dhamma Tapasa