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4enlightenment.com is a website set up for everyone interested in spiritual awakening and the development and understanding of our human consciousness.

We really hope that we inspire and motivate you to contribute with your own personal words of wisdom, lessons learnt, mishaps that may of happened or just a simple hello. Our aim is that each of us may learn together, encouraging us all to succeed on our own personal journeys into spiritual enlightenment.

We aim to create a safe place where we become a family to share our wisdom helping one another along the way. We really want compassionate, caring, like minded people, just like yourself, to join our family.

So come and join a like minded family of friends

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Motivational and Inspirational Short Stories

Every week we try and bring to you an inspirational Short story that has motivated or inspired us in some way during our week. Most of our stories are original but some are famous fables or old classics and where the author is known a credit is always given.

We are always searching for more stories and we welcome anything you have written, we will always give credit where credit is due. Please see our writers submissions page.


Our Meditation Pages are filled with inspirational advice, tips and tricks and words of wisdom on all matters to do with mindfulness and meditation. If your a complete beginner then everything is covered from correct posture and techniques to more advanced vipassana meditation.

Meditation is very simple to explain but it seems that this simplicity can cause a lot of confusion. Our meditation guides are the 100 percent guaranteed the correct way to meditate, each meditation has been passed to me from a linage that spans 2,500 years. I was taught, for years the correct posture and breathing techniques to succeed and finally after many many years and thousands of hours meditating I finally and deeply understand our human consciousness. Please don’t get me wrong I am not claiming enlightenment or sainthood, far from it, yet from meditation I have gained an incredible lasting peace and tranquility within my own mind, worries now don’t drain my energy anymore, I feel happier and more alive than ever before and I understand our human experience.

All I now want to do is freely pass this knowledge through experience onto others and would be thrilled if you joined me.

Mind Matters

Everyone’s Mind Matters and hear you will find everything to do with all our overwhelming number of emotions such as Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Optimistic vs Pessimistic, positivity and depression. These Personal stories from individuals just like yourselves who have suffered and then overcome emotional turmoil. We also include the fundamental coping mechanisms and proven techniques to help elevate anger, stress anxiety and depressions.

Inspirational quotes

Lovingly created inspirational picture quotes which include a small biography of the author. Previous quotes explores have included Thich Nhat Hanh, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Ajahn Brahm and the Dalai Lama.

Dhamma Tapasa

Dhamma Tapasa is the spiritual name given to the author of 4enlightenment while ordained as a Buddhist monk in North Thailand. This section is a little introduction into my personal journey towards spiritual awakening.

Writers Submissions

If you feel you have a story you would like to share, or your a budding journalist wanting find an avenue for your creativity, or even a website looking for extra visitors, then this section will explain our guidelines for your submissions, all very simple and straight forward and easy to apply. We really want you to join our family and eagerly look forward to discovering what you have on you mind.

Contact Us

If there is anything you feel we need to include, have an idea you want to share, or simply want to say hello then this is the place to come and send us as message. We really do want you to feel part of a family and really look forward to hearing from you. We don’t have email responders which means each email we send is a personally written message to you, not a robot.

We hope you can join us on social media

We have a YouTube channel where videos are produced of inspirational quotes as well as spirituality, love, compassion and life.

Our Instagram account is filled with inspirational quotes with original photos added, as well as photos of Dhamma Tapasa and Marley Moo as they wander the European countryside promoting inner peace through meditation and mindfulness.

We also have a Facebook page that I try to fill with inspirational advice, meditation techniques, words of wisdom from meditation masters and inspirational stories.