Coronavirus from a Monks perspective

Coronavirus from a Monks perspective. This is not a political stab at any establishment or government it just an honest reflection from a meditating monk.

Spiritual teachers of our time

Finding a spiritual teacher you trust and admire can be hard, so we put together a short list of respectable Gurus and spiritual Teachers alive today.

The Two Arguing Tigers

The Two Arguing Tigers is a simple and sweet Short Moral story never before published. Carful written by wandering Monk Dhamma Tāpasā

How to deal with the wrongs of your past

Dealing with our past, the oppressors and manipulators we have encountered but also for all the wrongs that we will of also done, is one of the bravest and most heroic things we can do as humans.

How to catch a Baby Dragon

A story of morality and mindfulness, never before published and lovingly created by wandering Monk Dhamma Tāpasā