Inspirational Short Stories and The Meditating Security Guard

This weeks inspirational and motivational Short story “The Meditating Security Guard” comes from the Buddhist Jataka tales

Loving Kindness and Enlightenment

Loving kindness and compassion are practiced throughout the Buddhist temples of Asia, not just as show for the tourists but as a way to inner enlightenment and contentment

Inspirational Short Stories and An Autobiography Of Life

This weeks Motivational Moral Short Story is a simple yet beautiful analogy on how we form our habits in our lives.

The Horse and The Butterfly a Moral Story

Weekly Motivational Moral story never before published. A Tale about the prisons we create in our own minds. The Horse and the Butterfly

Inspirational Short Stories ‘It is in Your Hands’

A quick short inspirational moral story on the power we hold within our own hands. All of us have a secret power only available to ourselves, learn to identify yours