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Currently looking for writers

Are you looking for somewhere to guest write, want to see your name in lights and online, want to promote your website then we have writing opportunities just waiting for you.

We have positions for writers submitting articles on anything to do with Spiritual well-being, Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness, and Mind Matters.

Come and join a super friendly family team and start writing for us and get your name and website published and credited on our site!

How it works

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who have a creative flare and are wanting to share their personal voice and talent. We require No previous experience or Qualifications but you must have excellent writing skills, a firm grasp of the English language, you want to express yourself and reach a large world wide audience, above all you love to write.

We are looking for:

  • Enthusiastic creative individuals

  • No experience or qualifications necessary

  • Must have excellent writing skills

  • Firm grasp of the English language

  • Have a voice and want to express yourself to a large world wide audience

  • Write about Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga or spiritual well-being.

  • Can write about positivity, depression, anger, stress or other Mind Matters Articles

Do you think you Fit the bill? then simply send us your idea, or completed article using the contact Form at the bottom of the page.

There are Just 3 Rules

  1. Do not write a sales pitch or promotion for your product, website or Facebook page. These will be ignored. Instead try to write an informative piece on you product, how it will benefit people, these work better.
  2. Your Article must be written by you and never before been published on another website.
  3. It must have a minimum of 1,000 words and be unique and engaging

If you have followed all the above guidelines then simply send us your idea, or completed article using the contact Form at the bottom of the page.

Tips On Writing Guest Posts

Write a guest post that is personal, and fill your words with energy, pizzazz, and spark. Then we’ll be sure to accept submissions for your articles.

When it comes to submitting stories about mindfulness or meditation, write for us an article that is full of positive energy, fun and enjoyable to read. If you have an educational aspect or personal experience, this will also help get submitted.

We are currently expanding all our page chapters especially yoga, write for us today and your submission is very well likely to be published.