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Dhamma Tāpasā 4enlightenment.com,

Hi I’m Dhamma Tāpasā & I want to teach you HOW TO Transform Your Life, by Transforming Your Thinking. I want to teach you the stuff they should’ve taught at school. You know the stuff, like how to manage that emotion turmoil of a broken heart, or the stress of moving house. Im going to teach you the skills to staying positive in the face of challenging times.

I’m a fully trained former Buddhist Monk, NLP Coach, Author and general all-round good guy. I’ve spent well over 30 years discovering and learning some pretty kick ass techniques to deal with our minds consistent misbehaviour.

Using the ancient wisdom I gained, during years of meditation as a monk, combined with the more modern scientific approach of NLP, Cognitive psychology and neuroscience, I’ve come up with a formula that will literally kick you mind into shape.

I know, I know, that’s a pretty big statement. Well we’ve all become so accustomed to going to the gym to keep our body healthy, well now it’s time to keep our mind healthy.

So how will I Transform your Mind?

Get ready for our mind-blowing ‘Thrive and Revive 35‘ Challenge. It’s a unique experience that combines expert strategies, awesome techniques, mind tricks, and step-by-step guidance—all delivered in a super simple and fun way!

Our Mind Training Challenge has an Impressive 87% completion rate, for a 35 day program

So what are you waiting for…


“No One Can Go Back & Make A Brand New Start….

…But I’m Going To Teach You How To Make A Brand New Future”

Dhamma Tāpasā


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