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A completely unique approach to Teaching Mindfulness & Meditation through Original Modern Day Moral Stories

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Dhamma Tāpasā, a fully trained ex Buddhist Monk, teaches Meditation & Mindfulness trough a series of Moral Stories. Each Story has been lovingly composed from real life experiences and real life problems. As we read through these little stories we begin to learn about love, compassion, happiness, anger, anxiety and depression, seeing how they relate to our lives. As we learn and experience these emotions for what they truly are, we will start to change our bad habits, limiting belief systems and our very lives for the better.

Motivational Moral Stories

Motivational and Inspirational short Moral stories teaching us about Meditation & Mindfulness to help live our lives more peacefully and contently. These Short Moral Stories are completely unique to our website and lovingly composed from real life lessons.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Explore with a trained Buddhist Meditation Teacher, this ancient art form that has the potential to relieve us from our day to day stresses and anxieties. As well as elevate our consciousness to higher levels of understanding, compassion and inner contentment.

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Everyone’s Mind Matters

Find that inner contentment and peace of mind you so deserve by exploring what makes humans, human, investigate and delve into your mind and begin to truly understand what makes us depressed, anxious, happy or sad.

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