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All Our Original Moral Stories & Metaphors

Our Original Moral Stories vol 1
Our Original Moral Stories Vol 2

All Dhamma Tāpasā’s completely original moral stories in two volumes. Includes the highly acclaimed ‘The Four Trees’ as well as many other firm favourites. ‘The Horse & The Butterfly’ ‘The One Bad Apple’ & ‘The Two Arguing Tigers’ to name just a few. Available on Amazon and completely FREE on Amazon Kindle. The perfect Bedtime Read.

Optimism 4 Beginners

Taking Positive Thinking To The Next Level

140 pages of positive Training & Coaching. This book is packed with strategies, tips and tricks to become more optimistic in your Life. Written by Dhamma Tāpasā a former Buddhist monk and certified NLP coach & Trained 3 Principles Coach. These are the exact same techniques that are used in one of Dhamma Tāpasā’s Positive coaching sessions. Grab your FREE copy before it becomes published