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All Our Original Moral Stories

Our Original Moral Stories vol 1
Our Original Moral Stories Vol 2

All Dhamma Tāpasā’s completely original moral stories in two volumes. Includes the highly acclaimed ‘The Four Trees’ as well as many other firm favourites. ‘The Horse & The Butterfly’ ‘The One Bad Apple’ & ‘The Two Arguing Tigers’ to name just a few. Available on Amazon and completely FREE on Amazon Kindle. The perfect Bedtime Read.

Optimism 4 Beginners

Develop Positive Thinking

211 pages to develop positivity. This book is packed with strategies, tips and tricks to become more optimistic in your Life. Written by Dhamma Tāpasā a former Buddhist monk and certified NLP coach. These are the exact same techniques that are used in one of Dhamma Tāpasā’s buddhist coaching sessions. Grab your FREE copy before it becomes published