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Dhamma Tāpasā,

Hi I’m Dhamma Tāpasā

Creator of the highly acclaimed “The Four Trees” a story of learning how we can all live a more fulfilled and content lifestyle.

By using my unique approach of storytelling, mixed with ancient Buddhist Monk Secrets, then combined with 21st century scientifically proven techniques, I’m able to capture your imaginations whilst teaching you valuable Life Skills and True Wisdom.

My Life Hasn’t Always Been This Awesome

This Is My Story

I’ve had my fair share of struggles (more on that below) and my life, at times, has been pretty tough.

Because I’ve experienced emotional pain, but also how amazing life can be when you have mental and emotional freedom, helping others became my passion.

My Life in a nutshell

I’ve spent over 30 years of my life travelling the world, living what some would call ‘an extraordinary’ life. I have been lucky enough to do some amazing things, from working as a river guide across Africa to meeting Nelson Mandela himself. However without knowing, I was actually running away from my childhood problems. Until one fatal incident, where I came face to face death itself whilst surfing in South Africa. I genuinely believed I had taken my final breath. Although I survived, this event profoundly rattled me. I grappled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for an extended period, leaving me with a profound sense of emptiness and deep confusion regarding life and my role within it.

My life also suffered terribly, I lost my house, wife and all my money, everything I had ever worked for up till that point, vanished. I was left distraught, lost and overwhelmed by the wave after wave of emotion turmoil I was experiencing.

However; Everything changed after a chance meeting with Thich Nhat Hanh.

Meeting Thich Nhat Hanh was one of those moments in life I’ll never forget. He understood my pain and told me three things that changed my life forever. From this one chance meeting I spent the winter residing in his monastery and learning all I could. After leaving Thay’s Monastery I would spend the Next 16 Years travelling around the world, learning and finally Mastering the valuable Life transformative skills to live a truly peaceful and fulfilling life.

Twelve of those years I Just explored the world, seeking out masters to learn form, Ajhan Brham, Sadguru, and Mata Amritanandamayi Amma, to name just a few. I visited on foot the holy sites in India and Nepal, spending time in meditation centres and ashrams from Sri Lanka to Thailand, where I would then spend the next 4 years as a Buddhist Monk in deep meditation and contemplation. I was given the title Dhamma Tāpasā and have kept this name ever since.

During this time I’ve overcame my PTSD, faced my childhood issues and conquered them for good. I overcame my negative tendencies and developed the life long skills as a buddhist monk that would see me through any challenge, obstacle or problem.


my journey was far from over

After leaving the monastic environment I ventured back home, to England. I now felt happier than I had for many many years, but there was still much work to do. Upon returning to the United Kingdom I found the normal 21st century career to be less than satisfactory, and so I began to wander Europe in search of secluded places to continue my meditation practice.

During the next 5 years I explored some magical places across Europe finally settling in the wonderful country of Portugal. It was then that I met Marley Moo, a abandoned stray puppy who just wandered past while I was meditating. I shared my scraps of food and he stayed by my side.

Dhamma Tāpasā,
Dhamma Tapasa and Marley Moo in Portugal

He changed my life! If it wasn’t for Marley I would still be spending my days meditating far, far away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Marley became my responsibility and as such I needed to look after him, train him and take care of his medical needs. As I gradually integrated back into society Marley showed me how I could help others, he literally found people who were struggling emotionally and introduced us. We had no home at the time but never spent one night out in the open.

My Journey has now come full circle

While myself and Marley were around a large campfire on a beach in Portugal I was asked to share some wisdom to the circle of people gathered. I quickly created The Four Trees, a story of the importance of living contently in our lives. Many questions we asked and my very first group session was born. I Loved seeing the joy as people had their very own enlightenment moment, and knew teaching others was what I had to do.

I now teach what I’ve learnt to individuals and groups from all walks of life using the very same methods that personally helped me. Drawing upon the skills and lessons I learnt as a Buddhist monk, coupled with the thousands of hours I’ve dedicated to meditation. I Know I can Help You!

And this is where I can help!

Now it’s time to help even more people survive and thrive in the ever changing world we face today. By using the same methods I Discovered from the many years of perseverance and determination, YOU too can master the skills necessary to live the most fulfilling, happy and Positive Lifestyle.

Why not try our The Thrive and Revive 35 challenge. It’s 35 days, of email delivered, fun and creative challenges and scientifically proven exercises guaranteed to help you understand your mind better. It not only teaches you new tricks and techniques that help you take back control of those unwanted negative thoughts, but it will also boost your mental self esteem and with luck you’ll find your true passion in life.

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