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Buddhist Monk, compassion, kindness, generosity, wellbeing, mindfulness, meditation
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I am a practicing monk, affiliated to no tribe, religion, group or society, I do however wholeheartedly agree to the Buddhist teachings as a way to enlightenment

I was a Buddhist Monk in northern Thailand for a long period of my life, due to family circumstances and being the eldest child I left my monastery to carry out family duties, in doing so I knew my time in the orange saffron robes of a Buddhist Monk were over.

Buddhist monk, ordination, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, spiritual, happiness, compassion, wellbeing
Authors Ordination

I have never forsaken the teachings or my practice, I still live a very simplistic life eating vegetarian food and traveling with my adopted street dog Marley. We have no home to call our own, yet ever day is filled with joy and happiness that comes with letting go and the practice of mindfulness.

At present Marley and myself are slowly moving through Portugal, looking for land or a place we can call home, this then enables us to better teach meditation and mindfulness to anyone that wants to join us.

We have a YouTube channel where I produce videos of inspirational quotes on spirituality, love, compassion and life. I also have plans to record a selection of meditation videos of correct postures so as not to put to much strain on the knees. I know how hard meditation can be when first starting out and to help it’s a great idea to meditate with people on a regular basis, if the demand arises it would be awesome to start live meditation sessions so we can all help and motivate each other.

Our Instagram account is filled with inspirational quotes with original photos added. Each photo is a sneak peak into the places I seek to meditate

We also have a Facebook page that I try to fill with inspirational advice, meditation techniques, words of wisdom from meditation masters and inspirational stories.

Buddhist monk, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, spiritual, compassion, wellbeing, wisdom
Alms round on a Full Moon day

If you wish to collaborate with me in any way drop me a line,

If you wish to reproduce, copy, print any of the material hear you are free to do so, I just kindly ask for a note of credit and a link back to this website, allowing me to grow just like you

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If there is anything I can help you with, then please get in touch using the form below. I will aim to reply to all enquiries within 24hrs

Buddhist monk, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, spiritual, compassion, loving kindness
Author outside Chiang Rai White temple Wat Rong Khun