Original Stories

All our Spiritual Stories are lovingly crafted by Dhamma Tāpasā and completely original. These Spiritual Stories, Metaphors and Analogies help us deeper understand our experience of what it is to be human. Designed for Adults and Teenage Children alike, these short inspirational stories will teach valuable moral principles and impart true wisdom. May you enjoy reading them as I have creating them.

Some Of Our Most Compelling Stories

The Two Arguing Tigers, moral story, 4enlightenment, Dhamma Tāpasā,
The Two Arguing Tigers

An argument arises of what’s right and wrong between two tigers

The one bad Apple a short spiritual story
The One Bad Apple

How focusing on the one bad apple in our lives can have disastrous effects

The Horse and The butterfly
The Horse & Butterfly

A Beautiful tale illustrating the prison’s we create within our minds

A Monk & The Cricket

A Monk teaches a little cricket the art of meditation

The Grumpy Old Man

A story of how kindness can go along way in helping others.

The Cursed Little Boy

A Tale of anger and its consequences

Our Latest Inspirational Short Story, Metaphor or Analogy

The Flowing River Analogy

Imagine, that your mind is like that of a river. It flows endlessly, winding its way through valleys, over rocks, and under the shade of tall trees. The water in the river is never still, just as your thoughts and emotions are in constant motion.

As you watch a river, you’ll notice how it doesn’t cling to the past or hold onto the water that has already passed by. It gracefully accepts each moment as it comes, allowing its waters to flow freely.

When the river encounters obstacles, it doesn’t resist them. Instead, it flows around them, patiently wearing them away over time. Just as the river doesn’t cling to obstacles, we should learn to let go of the mental burdens that hinder our own flow.”

The Flowing River Analogy Explained:

Learning to observe their thoughts and emotions as they arose, acknowledging their presence without attachment or judgment.  Just like the river, our thoughts naturally come and go.

Applying these teachings to our daily lives, letting go of attachments, practicing mindfulness, and embracing the impermanence of their experiences.

Over time, you will find greater peace and equanimity in your lives. You’ll learned that, just as the river’s flow is natural and constant, so too is the ever-changing nature of your own mind and mirrors the natural world around you. We learn to navigate the currents of life with grace and acceptance.

Author: Dhamma Tāpasā*

Dhamma Tāpasā 4enlightenment.com,

By Transforming Your Mind; You Will Transform Your Life

the four trees and other heart warming stories

Dive into a world where stories come alive, touch your heart and inspire your soul. “The Four Trees & Other Heartwarming Stories” isn’t just a book, it’s an immersive journey into the very essence of what it means to be human. This collection of short stories is a symphony of narratives, meticulously crafted to explore our deepest emotions, our boundless capacity for kindness, and the triumph of the human spirit.

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the four trees and other heart warming stories

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Descriptions of our inspirational Short Spiritual Stories & Metaphors

The Two Arguing Tigers

The Two Arguing Tigers is a simple and sweet Short Moral story of the heaven and hell that exists within our own minds. Carefully written by wandering Monk Dhamma Tāpasā

The Four Trees

This is an original moral tale never before published. Bought to you by Dhamma Tapasa this is a short story on impermanence and living contently.

The Monk and the Grasshopper

A simple sweet Short Moral tale demonstrating how our consciousness can be like that of a little grasshopper.

The Boy Who Was Cursed to Breath Fire

A short moral story, on the consequences of how anger can cause deep emotional scars that may take many years to heal or be covered over.

The Wise Mouse & Silly Tiger

A simple bedtime tale of how to live more contently in life, how to slow down and smell the roses.

How to Catch a Baby Dragon

A longer Moral Story on how humans perceive the world through our 6 senses, known in Buddhism as the six sense doors.

The Chicken Farmer & The Peacock

How we perceive ourselves is the moral of this short moral story. A peacock grows up believing he is a chicken, until one day all that changes

The Horse and The Butterfly

A simple tale of the prisons we create within our own minds. Never before published.

The Fairy Gathering

An original Moral story never before published about stealing and how the polar bears came to be at the North Pole.

The Roman Soldier

An Original Dhamma Tāpasā short story on Karma and it’s consequences. The transformation of a soldier man.

The Monk & The Snake

Never before published Moral story on our Fears. Fear can compel us to do some remarkable things but also has the power to cripple our thinking. Learn to change yours

The Grumpy Old Man

Moral tale demonstrating that what we think we become. Feeding anger and hatred will only make it stronger. Feeding positivity and kindness instead

The Two Three Headed Eagles

Dhamma Tāpasā, explains with great clarity the workings of our mind and how inner speech can cause all of life’s problems, creating our anger, anxiety, depression and hatred our inner speech can cause us great torment and much suffering.

The Beautiful Red Racing Car

A simple apology of how our minds operate using a racing car and it’s driver as the simile.

The Monk & The Cricket

Never before published story on meditation and how the little cricket learns about his mind.

The Four Monks

A short story on the principles of the monkey mind, a Buddhist term used for the untrained mind and it’s wanderings.

The One Bad Apple

A beautiful simple and sweet Moral Story, of how it can be that we focus too hard on the negative in life and forget about all the wonderful positives we already have. A compelling Original Story by Dhamma Tāpasā

The Two Zebra’s

A Short inspirational tale of The Two Zebra’s who have changed their lifestyle from the normal herd and seek spiritual enlightenment. This story we learn how to let go!

The Poison

All-Original Buddhist Moral Story. “I Hate My Boss & The Poison” a story of revenge and peculiarity. This story will engage with your imagination and impart wisdom.

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