The Poison

An Inspirational Original Moral Story

The Poison

Somewhere in middle America there lived a rather odd lady, named Patrica. Pratrica’s peculiarity was her strange hatred for her boss. This simple fact isn’t so odd or strange, there are many of us that hate our bosses! So what was it that made patricia’s situation very peculiar indeed?

Well let me explain.

Everyday Patrica spent at work, she would spend her time devising a cunning plan, a plan so devious that she thought it couldn’t fail. Then every night when Patricia went home she would put that plan into action.

Every night Patrica would go home and make a concoction of poison to take her revenge out once and for all on her boss. And every night Patrica drank that poison expecting her boss to fall victim of her dastardly scheme. And as expected, every night Patrica fell violently ill with stomach cramps and sickness.

The pains experienced at night didn’t deter poor Patrica, and every day a new poison is imagined and every night she repeats the same routine.

Many many weeks pass this way without a days let up. Poor Patrica is now very week and tired from all the poison she drinks at night but still insists on the same routine.

Author: Dhamma Tāpasā*(Andrew Hallas)

Moral of the Story:

Poor Patrica in our story is indeed peculiar, and to some, she might very well sound like a complete idiot, but we are ALL doing the same thing when it comes to our anger. We expect that pent up rage and hatred to be felt by the other person, which is exactly like drinking the poison and expecting the other to feel the effects.

When we can truly see this as fact we begin to let go of anger and hatred within ourselves. Meditation helps calm our minds and allows us to watch this process unfold before our minds eye. This is ‘direct experience learning’ rather than just knowing something as knowledge and it’s where true wisdom lies.

The next time you feel anger rising from within, try remember this little story and that peculiar poison we all seem to drink.

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