The Man that Lost all His Money

Short original Buddhist moral story on prosperity manifestation and how sometimes the more we want something the further away it can feel.

The Treasure Map

10 Minute original Buddhist Moral Story A tale of karma, how negative as well as positive thoughts influence our actions.

The Poison

All-Original Buddhist Moral Story. “I Hate My Boss & The Poison” a story of revenge and peculiarity. This story will engage with your imagination and impart wisdom.

The Two Zebra

A Short inspirational tale of The Two Zebra’s who have changed their lifestyle from the normal herd and seek spiritual enlightenment. This story we learn how to let go!

The One Bad Apple

“The One Bad Apple” this compelling, original moral story by Dhamma Tāpasā explains how we spend too much time focusing on that “one bad apple” in our lives, and instead shows us how to clearly see all the many ripe and wonderful apples you already have in your life. An inspirational read.