The Treasure Map

The Treasure Map

A Motivational Original Moral Story

Whilst two best friends are out playing in the woods they discover an old wooden chest, lodged in a crumbling oak tree. Excitedly they open it up to discover every kids dream, a real life treasure map. It’s just how they imagined a treasure map would be, a big X is placed in the centre, with hand drawn forests, mountains and rivers covering the rest of the page. At the top of the page, and in bold fancy writing, it says “Treasure Map to the Pool of Karma!”

Our two best friends are beside themselves with excitement, and study the map with great concentration to find there bearings. The maps large X points them to a place called the Crooked Forest, next to the village of Crookham. From the little boys homes thats only 5km away, taking them across rolling fields and over two babbling brooks they will soon arrive at the Crooked Forest.

The boys rush home and start to prepare for a great adventure. Before long sandwiches are made and a flask of tea is packed. Our two little boys, clutching the Treasure Map, boldly stride forward like brave knights of old.

Lets go searching for the treasure

With a skip in their step our two hero’s dance across the daisy covered fields, cross two little streams and soon find themselves in the village of Crookham. After some refreshments and getting some final directions they are soon standing at the entrance to the dark crooked forest.

The two hero’s stand there for a moment, a little scared and daunted by this immense dark forest stretching before them. Our two hero’s haven’t come this far for nothing and they both take deep breaths and pluck up the courage to push forward along the rarely trodden path.

They enter the crooked forest a little nervous but excited to find their treasure. Every tree is old and twisted, with huge branches reaching in every direction searching for any available slither of light. The vast canopy stretches over their heads making it a little dark and scary. The Crooked Forest it is indeed.

It’s not long before, in the distance, they see a little old lady bent double picking herbs. As they get closer they can see that this is no ordinary old lady, this beautiful old lady shines with kindness, warmth and compassion leaving a glow all about her.

Meeting the old lady

Before they can introduce themselves the beautiful old lady speaks to them

“Hello my two hero’s, have you come looking for the Pool of Karma” she says in a kind, soft whisper.

Astonished that this beautiful old lady already knew their intentions before they had even spoken, left them both a little shocked and unable to reply for a few moments.

“We have indeed”, replies one of the boys.

“The Pool of Karma is no ordinary treasure, my two little hero’s, only those pure at heart will see it’s true brilliance shining back, others only see ripples across a dirty lake.”

“How do you mean? Those pure at heart”, asks the other boy.

“The pool of karma reflects back what and who we are” replies the beautiful old lady “For every action there is an equal reaction. For those that live with the right intentions, those who watch out for negative and potentially harming thoughts and those taking care of their actions so as not to harm others, these are the pure at heart.”

“What will we get to see?”, both the boys eagerly ask together.

Only you know if your pure at heart my little hero, only you truly know if your thoughts and actions are those of purity and not influenced by greed or manipulation.

“Now go my two little hero’s and discover for yourself”

The two boys thank the kind lady and bid their fair wells, then boldly stride forwards wondering if they were truly pure at heart.

It so close now

A silence has fallen between the two boys as their anticipation grows. It’s Just past the twisted oak and it’s around the next corner. As they climb across the last few moss covered rocks they are treated to the most glorious slight. A large lake fills their eyes, edged with the most exotic tress they have ever seen. Every branch of every tree seems to be stretching and reaching out to touch the pool of Karma. The boys stand in amazement, in all their years this is the most beautiful sight they have ever seen.

The pool of Karma is still and silent, reflecting back the most beautiful light that sparkles and seems to dance for their eyes delight.

The two little boys are indeed pure at heart!

Moral of the Story:

Karma is the result of our actions & our thoughts. Wether those thoughts are good or bad, every thought creates a sort of ripple effect out into the universe. Negative thoughts generate negative actions and positive thoughts generate positive actions. For every action there is an equal reaction. For those that live with the right intentions, those who watch out for negative and potentially harming thoughts and those taking care of their actions so as not to harm others you are the true hero’s in our world.

It seems sometimes our minds can run at a million miles an hour, so how do you keep track of what Your thinking. This is where meditation comes into play. A simple and effective way to not only help you relax and unwind after a long day, but meditation and being mindful will help you to notice those negative and harming thoughts a lot earlier, and thus reducing your negative Karma.

Author: Dhamma Tāpasā*(Andrew Hallas)

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