The Flowing River Analogy

The Flowing River Analogy The “Flowing River” analogy is a powerful way to remind us of the impermanent nature of our thoughts and experiences. It encourages us to let go of attachments, practice mindfulness, and embrace the continuous flow of life with equanimity and acceptance. This concept is fundamental in Buddhist practice and can beContinue reading “The Flowing River Analogy”

A Journey of Self-Discovery

A Short Analogy To Understand Ourselves The Five Aggregates Analogy: Once upon a time, in a peaceful village nestled between rolling hills, lived a curious traveler named Arial. Arial was known far and wide for her insatiable quest for understanding the mysteries of life. She had heard whispers of a wise sage living atop theContinue reading “A Journey of Self-Discovery”

Amelia and The Persistent Enemy

A beautifully crafted moral story ‘The Persistent Enemy’ dives into the world of those repetitive negative thoughts that plague us all.

Persistent Thoughts

Persistent Thoughts Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a wise old sage named Isabel. She lived in a quaint little cottage tucked away at the far end of a beautiful lake, surrounded by rugged mountains and lush green pine forests. She was far from the hustle and bustle of modern society.Continue reading “Persistent Thoughts”