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  • Why Farting and Burping are a rich persons privilege.
    Do you Fart?​ Of course you Fart, everyone Farts, right? Maybe your a silent but violent kinda of girl or perhaps your just a loud and proud type of guy. ​The Fact is we all Fart right? But……
  • The Two Zebra’s a Motivational Moral Story.
    A Short inspirational tale of The Two Zebra’s who have changed their lifestyle from the normal herd and seek spiritual enlightenment. This story we learn how to let go!
    Wow 100,000K views. Without your support and help this website would have bitten the dust a few years ago. How can I take it to the next step? I ask for my readerships wisdom to help me grow and fulfil my dreams of a kindness walk charity.
  • 5 Minute Meditation with Dhamma Tāpasā
    A simple yet beautiful 5 minute silent meditation with Dhamma Tāpasā. Dhamma chimes the gong slowly and mindfully 3 times to begin, use this time to get yourself comfortable in your chosen meditation position.
  • The One Bad Apple
    “The One Bad Apple” this compelling, original moral story by Dhamma Tāpasā explains how we spend too much time focusing on that “one bad apple” in our lives, and instead shows us how to clearly see all the many ripe and wonderful apples you already have in your life. An inspirational read.
  • A Massive THANKS for 500 Likes
    See what others are liking. From humble beginnings of just somewhere to post Dhamma Tāpasā’s Moral Stories teaching us about mindfulness, life lessons, and building character. This website has slowly grown. Thank you everyone! That has supported us so far, may the journey continue.
  • Is individualism a good or bad thing?
    Is individualism a good thing or bad idea? We learn our identities, what we like and dislike right! How can individualism be bad in the 21st century? Dhamma Tāpasā discusses his thoughts shared by many.
  • Winner of our Unique Competition
    Winner! winner! winner! Of our computation to have your unique chance to use your name in a brand new completely original moral story written by Dhamma Tāpasā
  • Four Trees Video
    Four Trees Video. Narrated by Dhamma Tāpasā himself. “The Four Trees” is about learning to live life contently and more in the moment.
  • The Roman Soldier
    “The Roman Soldier” original Moral Story about Karma and it’s consequences. Written by Dhamma Tāpasā.
  • The Grumpy, Smelly Old Man
    A short inspirational story The Grumpy, Smelly Old Man. With a moral lesson to be learned, how what we feed only grows bigger.
  • The Beautiful Red Racing Car
    An Original Short Inspirational Story explaining how as humans we experience the world around us. The Beautiful Red Racing Car
  • The Wise Mouse & Bouncy Tiger
    Motivational Short Story about taking time in our lives to smell the roses.
  • The little Boy who was Cursed to Breath fire
    The little Boy who was Cursed to Breath fire is a short moral story, on the consequences of how anger can cause deep emotional scars that may take many years to heal or be covered over.
  • The Two Three Headed Eagles
    Short Moral Tale never before published on our inner speech and the contentment of silence.
  • A Kindness Walk
    A Kindness Walk is all about going out into this world to do intentional Acts of Kindness.
  • Let’s Talk Meditation
    This is a realistic look at how to truly meditate and how we can really use meditation to improve all of our lives.
  • Words of wisdom and Moral Principles
    Words of wisdom and Inspirational quotes to brighten anyone’s day
  • The Monk and The Grasshopper
    This weeks Motivational Moral story is about our wandering minds. The Monk and the Grasshopper is an original tale created by wandering Monk Dhamma Tāpasā and edited by Sophie Marrs
  • Coronavirus from a Monks perspective
    Coronavirus from a Monks perspective. This is not a political stab at any establishment or government it just an honest reflection from a meditating monk.
  • Spiritual teachers of our time
    Finding a spiritual teacher you trust and admire can be hard, so we put together a short list of respectable Gurus and spiritual Teachers alive today.
  • The Two Arguing Tigers
    The Two Arguing Tigers is a simple and sweet Short Moral story never before published. Carful written by wandering Monk Dhamma Tāpasā
  • How to deal with the wrongs of your past
    Dealing with our past, the oppressors and manipulators we have encountered but also for all the wrongs that we will of also done, is one of the bravest and most heroic things we can do as humans.
  • How to catch a Baby Dragon
    A story of morality and mindfulness, never before published and lovingly created by wandering Monk Dhamma Tāpasā
  • Weekly Moral Story “The Poisoned Dice”
    Weekly Moral Story “The Poisoned Dice” A short Moral story about Deception and the consequences our actions can cause.
  • Albert Einstein Quotes
    Inspirational quotes from Scientific and philosophical genius Albert Einstein with a small biography of his remarkable life.
  • The Wise Old Man & The Precious Stone
    The Wise Old Man & The Precious Stone is a short Moral story on the most valuable gifts in life.
  • The Wealthy Land Owner’s Flowers
    This lovely Short Moral story was originally an old Zen tale taught throughout China and Japan, How our obsessions cause us harm
  • Inspirational Short Stories ‘Letting Go’
    This weeks Moral Story is one of ‘ ‘Letting Go’ one of the simplest truths to learn but one of the hardest to master.
  • Inspirational Short Stories and The Six Worthy Ways
    Inspirational Moral Story “The Six Worthy Ways” comes from the Buddhist Jataka tales
  • The Monk and The Snake
    Never before published Moral story on our Fears. Fear can compel us to do some remarkable things but also has the power to cripple our thinking. Learn to change yours
  • Walking for Peace and Non violence in every aspect of our lives.
    Latest update on Dhamma Tāpasā and Marley Moo. After spending the winter months in one fixed location, we are starting to prepare for our wandering life style.
  • Inspirational Short Stories and The Meditating Security Guard
    This weeks inspirational and motivational Short story “The Meditating Security Guard” comes from the Buddhist Jataka tales
  • Loving Kindness and Enlightenment
    Loving kindness and compassion are practiced throughout the Buddhist temples of Asia, not just as show for the tourists but as a way to inner enlightenment and contentment
  • Inspirational Short Stories and An Autobiography Of Life
    This weeks Motivational Moral Short Story is a simple yet beautiful analogy on how we form our habits in our lives.
  • The Horse and The Butterfly
    Weekly Motivational Moral story never before published. A Tale about the prisons we create in our own minds. The Horse and the Butterfly
  • Inspirational Short Stories ‘It is in Your Hands’
    A quick short inspirational moral story on the power we hold within our own hands. All of us have a secret power only available to ourselves, learn to identify yours
  • Childhood Traumas and Growing Up
    Childhood Traumas and Growing Up. Dhamma Tapasa hasn’t always been a monk and even still as a monk he finds himself getting into mischief and mishaps. Find out more by following his story.
  • Inspirational Short Stories and The Story Of Sonā Theri
    A beautiful olden tale from the time of the Buddha. The story of Sonā Theri
  • Inspirational Short Stories, The Wind and The Moon
    This Weeks Motivational short story entitled The Wind and The Moon, is about living in harmony with one another and respecting others opinions.
  • What was your first meditation experience like?
    Ever wonder how your first meditation experience compares to others? It can’t be as bad as mine, can it!
  • About 4enlightenment
    What is 4enlightenment about? You will never know one of our original weekly motivational Short Stories or inspirational quotes, unless you CLICK to find out! Maybe just maybe you may find something awesome today
  • Mindfulness Sayings
    Our selection of quotes this week are all associated with Mindfulness sayings, or based around meditation in some way. Each quote has a Short except from a longer biography about the author. The larger biographical article can be found by following the links provided.
  • A little Introduction
    A little Introduction to the author of 4enlightenment, the monk Dhamma Tapasa and his mishaps and adventures
  • Inspirational Short Stories, The Archery Contest
    This weeks motivational and inspirational short story is The Archery Contest, attributed to Zen Buddhism it is a tale of mind over matter.
  • The 21 Proven Ways to Beat Anxiety
    The 21 Proven Ways to Beat Anxiety learn these techniques guaranteed to help relieve anxiety, join a helpful community of compassion
  • Motivational and Inspirational Short Stories
    Motivational and Inspirational Short Stories. 8 Spiritual Short Stories with morals to inspire and motivate us through our day
  • Spiritual Monk Quotes
    In Spiritual Monk Quotes you will find words of enlightenment and mindfulness sayings from five of the most famous spiritual Monks of the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • Thich Nhat Hanh Quotes
    Meditation and Mindfulness Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Quotes and Words Of Wisdom, with short Biographical life story.
  • 30 Ways To De-Stress
    30 Ways To De-Stress and unwind. Learn some inspiring new techniques to relax and unwind after a stressful day
  • The Monastery
    This Weeks Motivational Moral Short Story is ‘The Monastery’ a witty tale to inspire your week ahead.
  • The Three Questions
    This weeks Motivational Moral Story. The 3 most important questions to ask yourself in life.
  • 108 Defilements or Poisons of the Mind
    In Buddhism there is said to be 108 Defilements or unwholesome qualities of mind. These are those undesirable states of mind
  • How To Truly Escape Society
    Does society seemed messed up? Political, corporate and financial systems letting you down? How to truly escape this mayhem of society, to live a calmer more peaceful life you so deserve.
  • Nelson Mandela Quotes
    A unique look into Nelson Mandela life story, including words of wisdom and picture quotations from this truly great man of our modern history.
  • The Monk and The Cricket
    Lovely tale, never before published A meditation tale of how the little Cricket learns about his mind.
  • Weekly Moral Story Horishmo The Samurai Warrior
    And The Question Of Heaven or Hell A soldier named Horishmo came to a famous meditation master of old, and asked him a serious question, “Is there really a heavenContinue reading “Weekly Moral Story Horishmo The Samurai Warrior”
  • Monthly Quotes Video Collection
    A selection of our most liked Instagram quotes of the month collected together and presented in video format for you easy enjoyment
  • Weekly Moral Story, The Travelling Monk
    This weeks Moral Short story is on miscommunication and how sometimes we can be harsh and unkind without really thinking about what we are saying.
  • The Real Facts Of Life and Impermanence
    There are three facts of existence that impact our lives everyday, continuously happening in and around us, and most of us are oblivious to these facts that have the power to change your life.
  • Vipassana Simplified
    Vipassana Meditation can be difficult to grasp but in this simplified version Dhamma Tapasa explains with great clarity this ancient art form
  • The Fairy Gathering
    A short Moral story on how the polar bears ended up at the North Pole. This weeks Moral principle is Stealing.
  • The Wandering Monk
    A glimpse into the lives of the Thudong Buddhist Monks, a tradition for over 2,500 years of wandering seeking seclusion and tranquility for the practice of meditation
  • Abraham Lincoln Quotes
    Quotes and sayings by Abraham Lincoln with his Words of wisdom in picture format and a biographical write up on this great man’s life.
  • Weekly Moral Short Story
    Beautifully written short moral tale on the principles of the differences between Knowledge & Wisdom
  • Standing Meditation
    What is Standing Meditation? Standing Meditation is exactly as it sounds, we stand and meditate, the most important factor with Standing Meditation is to keep your eyes open. Shutting ourContinue reading “Standing Meditation”
  • Sitting Meditation
    Everything you need to know about Sitting Meditation, Posture and Position, the object of one pointed focus, and some helpful tips
  • Correct Posture in Meditation
    Correct Posture is essential in meditation, don’t damage your knees, hips, ankles or back, read this essential guide to getting it right first time.
  • How to make Meditation a regular part of our daily lives
    If you have ever struggled making meditation a regular daily practice, try these helpful Tips and Tricks designed to make you succeed.
  • Beginners Meditation
    Beginners Basics of Meditation and Mindfulness. Clear instruction as to how and why we meditate. tips and Tricks to help you improve and gain confidence.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes
    Words of wisdom, quotes and sayings with a personal Biography from this inspirational First Lady Of American History
  • The Four Monks
    A tale on the Monkey mind, a Buddhist term used for the wanderings of the mind within meditation.
  • 15 Meditation Tips & Tricks to the Most Common Issues
    15 Amazing Meditation Tips and Tricks every meditator should know. Take your Meditation Practice from beginner to expert with these 15 Meditation Tips
  • Gratitude Meditation
    Finding things in your life to be grateful for may be a little tricky for some, this is where this wonderful little meditation come in. Gratitude Meditation guaranteed to make you feel good
  • Developing Optimism
    The importance of having Optimism in our lives is sometimes forgotten with the other amount distractions we have. Optimism can be learnt and we teach you how.
  • Benefits of Meditation
    The real benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice, through science based fact.
  • Deepak Chopra Quotes
    Quotes and words of inspiration fro Deepak Chopra with a short biography of his life’s achievements.
  • Living with Depression
    A personal journey learning to deal with depression, with mindfulness and meditations techniques taught for the relief of depression
  • Anxiety and Modern Man
    A personal look at the effects of anxiety in modern man, help and guidance for coping with anxiety Ona day to day basis.
  • Metta Bhavana Meditation
    Metta Bhavana Meditation also known as Loving Kindness Meditation can, with practice, develop compassion and contentment for ourselves and others.
  • Samadhi Meditation
    Samadhi Meditation is known as Oneness with the meditation object. It is one of the easiest meditations to grasp.
  • The Four Trees
    A Simple and wonderful short moral story, never before published.
  • Ajahn Chah Quotes
    Quotes from the Meditation Master Ajahn Chah with his fantastic of insight and wisdom
  • How to Practice Basic Meditation
    Learn the most Essential thing you NEED to Know in the understanding of Meditation?
  • A Motivational Moral Short Story.
    A short motivational Moral story about Anger and it’s consequences not only to others but ourselves.
  • The Buddha’s Quotes
    A selection of Quotes and words of wisdom accredited with the Buddha, with a biography of his life.
  • Captain of my Soul
    Invictus by William Ernest Henley. “I am the master of my fate, captain of my soul”
  • Ajahn Brahm Quotes
    This is the second instalment of inspirational quotes and words of wisdom from the meditation master Ajahn Brahm.
  • Personal Meditation
    A personal Meditation Journey My personal journey in the search for enlightenment is one of roads less travelled, the path has had its fair share of wondrous surprises some associatedContinue reading “Personal Meditation”
  • Meditation as a personal journey
    Meditation is a truly personal journey from how we discover meditation to the discoveries meditation brings, each has our own story, this is mine.
  • Body Scan Meditation
    This meditation is usually done lying down but if you find you keep falling asleep it can equally be done siting crossed legged on the floor
  • Mantra meditation
    A mantra meditation is the repetition or repeated use of a phrase, sentence or saying. In this example we will use the divine Om Mana Padma Um mantra
  • Motivational Video Quotes
    Video quotes to inspire your day. A collection of our original content created on our Instagram channel. Words of wisdom, motivational, inspirational and life quotes
  • Short Motivational Mini Stories
    A short collection of mini stories to inspire and uplift, attributed to Zen Buddhism each contains a hidden message or moral principle
  • How to Practice Vipasana Meditation 
    ‘Insight’ or ‘clearly seeing’ Vipasana meditation. A 2500 year old art form practiced and refined by Gotama Buddha as a way to enlightenment.
  • Mother Teresa Quotes
    Mother Teresa really was a remarkable lady, able to speak 5 languages fluently but it is the language of LOVE and human compassion she spoke with most passion and clarity.
  • Mini motivational stories
    Short mini stories to inspire and motivate, each with a moral if we only pay close enough attention. Attributed to Buddhism and the Jataka
  • Meditation practice and thoughts on Anger and Hatred
    Anger and hatred are two powerful emotions, why do we get angry? Who anger harms, and how to get a hold of anger and hatred
  • Mahatma Gandhi Quotes
    Inspirational quotes and Words of wisdom by Mahatma Gandhi
  • Motivational Stories
    Motivational Stories of positivity, inspiration and moral principles.