Discover Dhamma Tāpasā’s heartwarming story of Kindness and the reason behind this distance of 3,500km promoting Kindness throughout towns and cities across Europe.

Finding the Calm in Our Karma

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  • Positive Distractions
    What are Positive Distractions and what are there benefits?
  • India Special
    Indian special offer
  • What is Your Personal Secret to Life?
    What is the secret to life? A former Buddhist monk explains suffering in five simple terms.
  • The 20 Second Meditation
    The 20 Second Meditation changes your negativity into positive thought patterns in just 20 seconds. Scientifically based and proven to work.
  • The Man that Lost all His Money.
    Short original Buddhist moral story on prosperity manifestation and how sometimes the more we want something the further away it can feel.
  • Resistance to change
    Resistance to life’s changeable circumstances is inevitable, yet causing our greatest sufferings of mind. Intelligence is held in to high a regard, let it go and relax!
  • The answer to all your problems
    This is going to show you the true reality of Yourself, and free you from suffering. This is going to energise you and make you feel all squishy inside. Are you with Me?
  • Over 1/4 million unique monthly views
    Wow thank you! Thank you to all our Pinterest followers this is the first time reaching the 1/4 of a million mark in unique monthly views. We have come close a few times and I am overjoyed with the progress. I have a vision I am a trained former BuddhistContinue reading “Over 1/4 million unique monthly views”
  • Kindness and Compassion
    What does kindness and compassion mean to you? A former Buddhist monk explores this fascinating topic and explains to you what kindness means to him.
  • What is your superpower?
    Learn this one life lesson and it will change your life! Making you feel like you really do have a superpower of your very own!

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