3 Principles to Achieve Success

The 3 little used techniques and strategies to build success. Understanding these simple yet powerful strategies have long lasting effects that make your life shine in every way.

Getting Caught up in Fear, a personal story.

Getting Caught up in Fear. Two personal stories of facing your fears by either becoming frozen within its grasp or dealing with and accepting them for what they are

A Massive THANKS for 500 Likes

See what others are liking. From humble beginnings of just somewhere to post Dhamma Tāpasā’s Moral Stories teaching us about mindfulness, life lessons, and building character. This website has slowly grown. Thank you everyone! That has supported us so far, may the journey continue.

Is individualism a good or bad thing?

Is individualism a good thing or bad idea? We learn our identities, what we like and dislike right! How can individualism be bad in the 21st century? Dhamma Tāpasā discusses his thoughts shared by many.