The Chicken Farmer and The Peacock

Learn the illusion of the human mind with this short moral story The Chicken Farmer and The Peacock’

A Massive THANKS for 500 Likes

See what others are liking. From humble beginnings of just somewhere to post Dhamma Tāpasā’s Moral Stories teaching us about mindfulness, life lessons, and building character. This website has slowly grown. Thank you everyone! That has supported us so far, may the journey continue.

The Grumpy Old Man

A short inspirational story The Grumpy, Smelly Old Man. With a moral lesson to be learned, how what we feed only grows bigger.

The Red Racing Car

An Original Short Inspirational Story explaining how as humans we experience the world around us. The Beautiful Red Racing Car

The Wise Mouse & Bouncy Tiger

Motivational Short Story about taking time in our lives to smell the roses.