The Beautiful Red Racing Car

A Motivational Moral Story

The Red Racing Car

A beautiful red racing car sits on the start line, ready and waiting. It sits patiently, still and calm, waiting for a driver.

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A hero approaches the car, a handsome fella all eager and fine, he waves to the expectant crowd, slips on his gloves and a helmet, then casually climbs inside.

The beautiful red racing car roars into life

The lights are go!

Our driver selects 1st gear, he can Smell the burning rubber as the beautiful red racing car launches off the start line.

He slips it into 2nd gear and Hears the roar of the engine groan with confidence as he asks for more.

Now up into 3rd he can Feel the power of this beautiful racing car, he can feel the speed picking up as he gets faster and faster.

Slipping it into 4th gear, he can Taste the champagne, he can taste the victory.

Into the 5th and final gear he can See himself getting faster as the countryside goes wizzing past seeing way in the distance the finishing line he eagerly press his foot harder to the floor.

But wait what’s this!

The racing car is beginning to slow, the driver isn’t selecting any more gears! the beautiful red racing car is coming to a stop.

With no gears selected the beautiful red racing car does indeed come gracefully to a complete stop. The driver is quiet and gently watching, a stillness lyes within his heart. Without those gears we call the 5 senses selected, our emotions, our driver is simply calm, relaxed and exuding peace.

Author: Dhamma Tāpasā*

With just 3 questions I can Unlock the limiting beliefs that maybe holding You back from achieving Your Greatest Desires!

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Moral of the Story:

The racing car represents you and me, our physical bodies. The driver represents our consciousness, our inner speech. The five gears represent each of our 5 senses of hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling. We select each gear at any given moment according to what has attracted us. The gear clicks in place and our mind creates thoughts from either previous experiences, future events or dissolves into a world of fantasy.

With one of those gears selected the racing car mind is captivated and propelled off at great speeds, into that future, past or fantasy world of jibba jabber.

But just like every racing car it needs a driver its consciousness to select those gears. If your mind is like that of the race car take it out of gear and slip it into neutral, just like the racing car your inner speech will gradually come to a stop. Without the input of the 5 senses our consciousness has nothing to fixate over, nothing to grasp or attach too. Eventually your consciousness and inner speech come a stop. What replaces that busyness we called inner speech is a peace and happiness so pure and indescribable, leaving you feeling renewed and energised.

How do we do this!

Become an observer of your mind, watch with great fascination without interference, input or control. Meditation and mindfulness are practiced to gain the focus need to observe rather than attach to that inner speech and just like the racing car the mind comes to a stop. Surprisingly quickly. It simply waits for an owner a driver to attach once again. In between a simple silence arises, a silence so sweet you will be wanting more and more.

Our minds are like little thought factories gently producing thoughts of future or past events all mixed with a dash of fantasy and influenced by those 5 senses of hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing and smelling. Our consciousness is the driver, the operator who selects each gear according to the distraction that arises. To observer, to watch, this interaction, this intwined game that’s played is what meditation is all about. To see with a true reality how exactly our minds operate, how they cause all of our own suffering, anxieties, stresses and unhappy states we naturally drop that which scolds, that which causes us harm. We see the true reality of nature and life itself as impermanent, forever changing and that attachment to an impermanence is what causes us such sorrow, heartache and needless suffering.

*Dhamma Tāpasā is a trained former Buddhist Monk and the spiritual name given to Andrew Hallas. An inspirational positive life purpose & Motivational coach who Teaches Meditation & mindfulness techniques through the art of his original moral stories. Dhamma Tāpasā is able to capture our imaginations whilst teaching us valuable moral principles and deepening our understanding of the human consciousness, motivating and inspiring us to face our everyday problems with a renewed energy and vigour.

With just 3 questions I can Unlock the limiting beliefs that maybe holding You back from achieving Your Greatest Desires!

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