Motivational Mini Stories

The Two Arguing Tigers

The Two Arguing Tigers is a simple and sweet Short Moral story never before published. Carful written by wandering Monk Dhamma Tāpasā

The Two Arguing Tigers.

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The Two Arguing Tigers

Two tigers start to get into an argument while out for a walk

The first tiger is adamant that he is right, the second tiger is certain that he is right, both won’t give in and the argument starts to escalate.

Just then, as they round a corner in the road, they meet a friendly meditating monk.

“Ahhh now for sure we will see I am right” says one tiger

“I don’t think so” says the other tiger “we shall see I am right.”

They pay their respects to the monk, before asking their pressing question.

“Monk we have a question for you” states one tiger “we would like you to clarify who is right and who is wrong. where does Heaven and Hell reside? My friend believes that Heaven is above and Hell is below but I disagree and am sure that Hell is above and Heaven is below. Monk please tell us”

The Monk smiles and considers the problem for a moment before replying

“I’m afraid neither of you are correct. Heaven and Hell don’t reside outside of us, either above the clouds or deep within the earth. Heaven and hell reside in each one of our minds. Let me explain. Both of you are angry with each other in this moment and so your minds are filled with a destructive force, this is like a Hell. Only peace and compassion can bring about a Heaven in our minds”

Both the two tigers instantly understand what the monk has explained and drop their stupid argument, apologise to each other and become friends once more.

“And right now, in your mind tigers, is Heaven” said the monk “when we have peace and compassion in our minds we are experiencing Heaven”

Author: Dhamma Tāpasā

Moral of the story

There are said to be 108 defilements or destructive forces of our minds. Anger and hatred are amongst those 108, we must calmly and clearly see for ourselves how each of these 108 destructive forces, harm us and cause only ourselves to suffer. To truly feel this within our own minds and bodies we begin to let go.

Our mind is the one thing that comes with us wherever we go. Most of us seek outside of ourselves for that elusive happiness, I challenge you to look within to find that happiness, peace and compassion that you so richly deserve.

Observe, how you body feels when anger is present, truly see for yourself how tense your body becomes how the stress courses through you. To truly experience anger this way the truth will shine, gradually or instantly you will let go.

By 4enlightenment

I’m a real life Monk searching for Spiritual Enlightenment, I’m no longer affiliated to A Monastery, Religion, Tribe or Society and along with my adopted mischievous dog Marley Moo we wander Europe full time writing inspirational moral stories on the practice of meditation and mindfulness. We continually seek spiritual awakening.

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