Anxiety and It’s Causes

Anxiety & It’s Crippling Effect

Anxiety can be a crippling disease of mind, it’s a feeling of fear or apprehension of something yet to come and in extreme cases is devastating to your life.

Anxiety disorders can cause your heart rate to rise, heart palpitations, and chest pain. You may also be at increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

The 5 ways of Categorising Anxiety

According to the National Health Service from the United Kingdom Of Great Britain we generally put the effects of Anxiety into 5 categories, these are

Generalised Anxiety Disorder: Described as an excessive amount of worry, stress or anxiety which may include symptoms such as depression. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association Of America (ADAA) Generalised Anxiety Disorder is diagnosed when extreme worry about a variety of things which leads to continuous anxiety and lasts for a period of 6 months and longer.

Social Anxiety Disorder: This is the paralysing fear of social involvement and situations usually leaving the person suffering feeling alone, isolated and ashamed.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: OCD is an overwhelming sense to perform certain tasks a certain way over and over again. This experience of intrusive nature of thoughts can give rise to chronic stress.

Panic Disorder: Is characterised by unexpected and sometimes repeated episodes of intense fear, physical symptoms include but not limited too, chest pains, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, tightness of chest, dizziness and or abdominal pain.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Stress caused after a dangerous and scary event. Example would be experiencing war, a deadly storm or almost drowning. This is known as Traumatic Stress and can lead to PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder

How to cope with Anxiety

There are many methods we can use to cope and indeed combat anxiety and it’s associated symptoms, here is a quick list that may help, it is by no means comprehensive and if you feel you know something which may help others please feel free to share. I will credit you and add your pearl of wisdom.

  • Slowly count to 10
  • Try a little basic Yoga
  • Eat a well balanced diet
  • Talk to someone
  • Keep a journal
  • Accept you can not control everything
  • Self Awareness
  • Make sure you get enough sleep
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Try to get outside in fresh air and the sunlight
  • Limit your intake of caffeine and Alcohol
  • De-clutter
  • Try the gift of giving
  • Squeeze a Squash Ball
  • Accept you are feeling anxious
  • Kick a Ball about

It is stressed that this is not a comprehensive list, but these are proven ways to help relieve anxiety however if you are suffering seriously from anxiety and find none of the above are helping then please don’t feel like your alone and speak to someone from the many trained medical staff available.

If you feel there is something left off this list, maybe you have an idea that may help others, then please feel free to add a comment below, I will credit you and add your pearl of wisdom to the list.

Kind regards

Dhamma Tapasa