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What Stress Actually Is

Stress is a build up of an overwhelmed mental process. The triggers of stress can be either positive, such as a new born baby or promotion at work, or negative such as car breakdown or loss of money . In almost all instances it is usually the result of unexpected or sudden changes in ones life, but is not limited too. Stress can also be a slow gradual process or can be experienced as an instantaneous reaction.

We usually divide stress into three categories, these are Acute stress, Chronic stress and Traumatic stress.

Acute Stress: Stress that causes an immediate noticeable change in ones mental state, such as avoiding a car crash, or sudden confrontation

Chronic Stress: Stress that causes continuous harm, anxiety or frustration, such as prolonged pressures of work or school.

Traumatic Stress: Stress caused after a dangerous and scary event. Example would be experiencing war, a deadly storm or almost drowning. Traumatic Stress can lead to PTSD post traumatic stress disorder

How do we experience Stress

We first experience stress wether acute or chronic as mental phenomenon, this can then be experienced either two ways, physically or emotionally.

Our physical response can be felt throughout our entire body, with each organism and muscle feeling tense and taught, usually however we experience stress in isolated locations such as sweaty palms, a raised heart beat or stiffness in the neck and shoulders as examples.

Our emotional response to stress causes changes to happen in our consciousness and our thoughts, we feel worried, we may have difficulties in focusing on tasks, can make us cry or outbursts of anger, and we can become consumed by just one thought going around and around.

How to cope with Stress

There are many methods we can use to combat stress and it’s associated symptoms, here is a quick list that may help.

Use the free 7 Wonders course

Read some motivational quotes

Meditate for 5 minutes

Try Walking Meditation

Read an inspirational Moral Story

Write 10 things you love about yourself

Try Loving Kindness Meditation

Please feel free to add to this list with your own ideas, share with a comment to help others who may be suffering.