Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

Motivational quote Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra 1946 – present 

Indian born American spiritual author, public speaker and advocate of alternative medicine. A celebrated author in the self help category, Deepak studied medicine in India before moving to the United States in 1970. After completing further academic studies into internal medicine and endocrinology he became chief of staff at the New England memorial hospital. It was hear that Deepak met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a meeting that would change his life. As he started with Transcendental meditation and resigned his position as chief of staff and established the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre. Deepak Chopra believes that we can change the very ageing process, sometimes even reversing that process. His claims that his practices can treat chronic disease has had him regularly criticised by medical and scientific professionals alike. After Oprah Winfrey interviewed him about his books a loyal following grew making him one of the highest grossing self help authors of all time. In 1996 he co-founded the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing.

Motivational quote William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare 1564 – 1616

Was an English poet, playwright and actor, widely regarded as the greatest playwright of the English language. He married at 18 to Anne Hathaway and had three children, his son Hamnet was to die only a few years later, Shakespeare’s life was based in Stratford up to this point, and it’s not until around 1585 do we hear of Shakespeare again. Shakespeare began a career in London as an actor, writer and a part owner of the playing company the “Lord Chamberlin’s Men”. His early plays were either comedies or historicals, creating great master pieces, it is his later work that Shakespeare is best remembered, a period in his life now know as the tdradigies, works of which include Hamlet, Othelo, Macbeth and King Lear come from this period of his life, it isn’t until the final phase of his writing do we see the romances such as the great Romeo and Juliette. His works and plays are still being re-produced for new audiences in the 21st century, and school children are still learning his mastery of the English language and story telling making him one of the most highest selling authors in history and great literacy artist of human history. 

Motivational quote Carl Jung

Carl Jung 1875 – 1961

Was a Swiss psychiatrist and highly influential psychoanalyst having major contributions to philosophy, religion, literature, anthropology and psychiatry. Suffering from an early age with neurosis and a split personality disorder, it was Jung himself who would work out a cure for himself. His mother was also said to of suffered greatly with a split personality and depression. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with a psychiatric textbook and upon reading that psychoses are personality disorders it is said something clicked deep inside, his interest was immediately captured. After studying at the university of Basel, Carl Jung moved to Zurich where he began work at the Burgholzli Psychiatric hospital and it was here he was introduced to Sigmund Freud, the two would pioneer psychiatric practice by developing a new approach called analytical psychology. Much of his life’s work was spent exploring related area’s in fields of vitalism, eastern philosophy, alchemy, astrology, literature and sociology, as well as an interest in the occult led to many to believe and view him as a mystic, although his preference was to be seen as a man of science.

Motivational quote Socrates

Socrates 470 – 399BC 

An Ancient Greek Philosopher and the first moral thinker of our age, considered at the time as a nuisance to his peers of Athens, or as Plato referred to him, as the gadfly is to the Horse, so Socrates is to the Athenians. He was born as a stonemasons and sculptors son, and continued for a period in this fashion as was the custom in those days. He entered the military and saw active service in particular the bloody battle of Amphipolos. Socrates decorated himself in battle as a hero saving the life of Alcibiades, a very prominent Athenian statesman. After his military service Socrates sees himself a prominent member of society. It is at this point Socrates developed his “Socratic Dialogues” a method where to solve a problem you break it down into a series of questions. It is said after developing this method, Socrates would ask the people of Athens probing questions of love, happiness and religious beliefs, forcing people to question their own beliefs. He caused such a ripple through society with his constant analytical questioning it was decided Socrates should be put to death by drinking poison. Even with death so close he stayed calm and collective drinking his poison.

Motivational quote Buddha

Buddha 563 – 483BC

Gautama Buddha lived 2562 years ago as a monk and teacher of which Buddhism was founded. Born a prince of the Shakya clan in northern India, now Nepal. Dissatisfied with his life and that of the human condition he left the royal palace in search of truth. After many years practicing Medici W yoga and other meditation techniques of the time, Sitting ina Medici was state for prolonged periods of time Gautama discovered his middle way or the noble eightfold path as the way to enlightenment. For the remaining 45 years of his life the Buddha taught this path, established the Sangha and monastery’s through out his travels leaving behind a legacy that has endured millennium

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