A Kindness Walk

What is a Kindness Walk?

A Kindness Walk is all about going out into this world to do intentional Acts of Kindness. These can be as simple or as complicated as you need to make it. However the more simpler the act, the more spontaneous and more rewarding it seems to become. Helping someone with their shopping or just spending time listening to someone are all acts of kindness that’s within all our grasp.

With the world grappling with COVID-19 this is our chance to go out into the world and make a positive change. This year has been a year none of us have ever seen and fewer could ever see coming. I feel that more Kindness and compassion are desperately needed now in our world. And I wish too Act.

During the first lockdown wave of infections I found myself in a situation where I fell through the system and had no offer of help from that same system that I was being asked to save by locking myself down. It got me thinking on how many others there are and will be who also fall through the cracks of our systems? How many people are going to be in desperate need now and in the near future? I was very lucky and had the help of a loving and supportive family that helped me get through.

A 7,000km Kindness Walk

Route Portugal to Istanbul

This has spurred me on to do my own Kindness Walk only I’m going to do a 7,000km Kindness Walk from Portugal to Istanbul in Turkey, with the soul promise to do one act of kindness every single day. Accompanying me for this journey is Marley Moo my adopted rescue dog always faithfully by my side.

We’re not just striving to do one act of kindness every day, we are also raising awareness and support for the Make-A-Wish foundations for each country we walk through. There are 8 countries we walk through that have a Make-A-Wish headquarters and as we walk between them the donations we collect we want to personally hand deliver a cheque and promote the wonderful acts of kindness the charity does.

Gypsy Mini Camper

A few ideas

We are making this a unique challenge by pulling a gypsy style hand wagon the entire 7,000km journey, well I say we Marley won’t be pulling anything. The mini gypsy camper is to act primarily as our accommodation, keeping the costs down allowing us to concentrate more on the Acts of Kindness, but it also serves as a walking advertising board promoting what we are doing and hopefully attracting sponsorship and further donations to Make-A-Wish.

We are just at the beginning stages of our gypsy style mini camper build and have just begun a training schedule to allow me to build up my muscles a little at a time. If you would like to keep up to date on this rather unusual charity kindness walk we have set up a dedicated website at


This is a community led initiative that has just begun, an adventure that will take an estimated 2 years to complete and you have the chance to follow ever up and down that could possible happen. Right from the start. Head over and show your support by getting involved with one of the many ways you can make this walk a success. Only with your help can this work, only with an Act of Kindness of your own can this help more and more people. Head over now and spread some kindness.



Kind regards

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