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Diana Princess of Wales quote

Princess Diana 1961 – 1997

Amongst the Royal Family members, Lady Di, as she was affectionately known, is regarded as one of the most popular figures thought the royalist history. Her legacy and campaigns to ban land mines, the Great Ormand Street Hospital, cancer, mental illness and helping those with HIV and AIDS are still growing and thriving today.

Diana was born into the British aristocratic family of Spencer, the youngest daughter to the Viscount and Viscountess Althorp, educated in England and Switzerland she became known as Lady Diana Spencer in 1975. Diana’s engagement and marriage to Prince Charles, eldest son of Elizabeth II and heir to the throne of England, was to put Diana truly in the lime light, loved and adored by millions on every official overseas and home engagement. It wasn’t just a shock to a nation, on the announcement of her death, but the who world mourned the loss of the people’s Princess. Her death is still surrounded in conspiracy and mystery.

Abraham Lincoln quote

Abraham Lincoln 1809 – 1865

American lawyer and politician serving as the 16th president of the United States of America. A remarkable man who led his country through civil war described as the bloodiest war America has ever known, he abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government and considered by many to be the forefather of the modern economy with methods first introduced during his presidency.

Lincoln had grown up in a poor family upbringing in Kentucky, largely self educated he was an avid reader and having a life long interest in learning, compelling Lincoln to his destiny. Lincoln married Miss Marry Todd in 1842 the daughter a wealthy slave holding family, they were to have four children of which only one survived to adulthood. This is said to have had a profound effect of both Lincoln and his wife for the rest of there lives. Lincoln was assassinated in April 1865 a few days after successfully reuniting two opposing forces at war with remarkable policy’s of reconciliation. A highly revered man in not only presidential history but of the history of the United States of America itself.

Confucius quote

Confucius 551 – 479BC

A teacher, politician, philosopher and founder of the Confucianism movement. Confucius is considered by many to be one of the most important and influential people to of shaped human history. A high honour indeed. Confucius’s beliefs of moral conduct have been emphasised and repeated in many religions and philosophies of today. His teachings on morality emphasising self cultivation, ethics, sincerity, a cultivation of knowledge, virtuous acts towards other beings and the etiquette of daily behaviour. Complex and sometimes considered outrage of his time, Confucius had a persuasive calm that attracted many followers eventually setting up hundreds of schools teaching the very principals Confucius modelled himself on.

After banishment from a political career, Confucius spent years wandering the Chinese countryside teaching all those who would hear. Finally returning home at the age of 68 where he practiced and taught his methods until his last days.
Most famously known or ethical principal is “Do not do unto others what you do not want done to yourself” often wrongly accredited to other religions.

Lucille Ball quote

Lucille Ball 1911 – 1989

An American actress, model, comedian and the first female to run and produce a major television studio ‘Desilu productions’ producing many popular and classic shows including Star Trek and Mission Impossible both now major film franchises.

She starred in self produced sitcoms such as ‘I love Lucy’ and ‘The Lucy show’. Born in New York where her father died when Lucille was just three years old and her mother heavily pregnant with there second child. She was raised by her grandparents at the summer resort village of Celoron on lake Chautauqua. Her mother remarried four years later and it was her new husbands parents who cared for her, a Swedish couple later referred to as odd by Lucille herself. It was however her stepfather, Edward Peterson who’s passion for performance and the theatre that got Lucille her first role at just 12 years old, cementing a appetite for fame and recognition.

Margaret Laurence quote

Margret Laurence 1926 – 1987

A Canadian novelist and short story writer considered by many as a leading role in Canadian literature. Laurence began writing short stories from as early as her teens, her first published work “The land of our Father” was printed in the Winnipeg free press. Her most loved and revered works include ‘The stone angle’ ‘The Diviners’ and ‘A Jest of God’ 

Margret Laurence is also recognised as the founder of the writers trust of Canada, a non profit organisation encouraging and nurturing Canada’s literacy talent. She was diagnosed with lung cancer at a very late stage that spread quickly throughout her body, with no help other than palliative care she decided to relieve her family of the burden and suffering and committed suicide on January 5th 1987, documenting the course of her actions right to the death.

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