Reaching a milestone and 100,000K all time views.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, from simple humble beginnings of just starting a blog to post my original moral stories, a place to share my experiences about meditation, from my life as a Buddhist monk and somewhere I could share my views and opinions on life, this website has grown and grown.

It’s not been easy, I have had to learn so much about social media, website building, hosting, domain names, all of which in the beginning I really didn’t have the foggiest clue about.

Over the last month this website and the moral stories have grown massively, not just by reaching the amazing milestone of 100,000K views but my moral stories have now appeared in the New York chronically and featured on Spotify. We have been featured in the Nigerian news and this month two large corporate companies use one of my moral stories in their latest newsletters to promote wellness and positivity in the work place. The personal emails and comments have been uplifting and inspiring and have given me the energy and focus I needed and I thank you all so very much.

At present I am trying hard to get my original moral stories published in a series of two books, on Amazon. This website needs to start bringing in a small income for myself and my adopted dog, Marley to survive and then flourish. We have plans or a dream too establish a charity dedicated towards kindness and compassion with kindness-walks, both for the soul and wellbeing of those that take part but we want to stretch a hand of friendship out to all those that may have been forgotten during these strange times of corona.

I would love to hear your opinion on how I could take this website further and impact more lives. I am a one man one dog outfit and an ex Buddhist monk who doesn’t really know much about the modern world of internet and computers. Any advice would be invaluable.

What do you like about this website at the moment?

What would you like to see different or change?

Is an Audio or a Podcast something of interest?

Would a meditation practice group set up on Zoom, to share experiences with like minded individuals be of use to anyone?

You guys are my audience and you guys matter the most, without you I would never have grown to 100,000k views. I value your opinion, and who knows maybe you could have a direct impact on helping me move forward with my life and my dreams.

Kind regards

Dhamma Tāpasā

Published by 4enlightenment

Dhamma Tāpasā is the spiritual name given to Andrew Hallas a fully trained and former Buddhist Monk who now Teaches & coaches the Art of Positive Thinking to Transform Your Mind.

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