Your superpower?

I want to talk to you today about your superpower!

Your incredible superpower is hidden inside of you and today we are going to discover it. Then unleash that hidden superpower to change your life in almost every aspect you can think of.

Struggling to find your real purpose in life?

I’ve been there and know only too well your pain. This super power can change all that and so much more

Do you have money worries?, relationship problems?, are you feeling fed up?, depressed?

Your secret Superpower hidden within you could change all this

So what is Your secret superpower?

Hidden inside us all is an incredible force of nature. A force so powerful that if left unchecked can lead you to ruin. On the other hand if we harness and use this force of nature to our advantage, anything is yours for the taking. And this force of nature is called your mind.

Everyone of you has a mind of your own and that mind can either break you or make you. Your mind is not Your superpower that I want to talk to you about today. Instead deep within your mind there is your true hidden secret superpower waiting to be discovered

To explain to you this hidden superpower I need to back up a little, and talk to you about control. More precisely the control you have in your life.

No control

First we are going to look at all those things that are completely out of your control. Things like the weather, the seasons of the year, the rising of the sun and the passing of time. All these events and things, as I’m sure you agree, are all completely out of your control. Interestingly however a lot of us get very upset at bad weather or the fact we are getting older, loosing our hair or youthful looks.

Other things that our out of our control but sometimes we dearly wish we could change are our families, where we come from and our cultural heritage. We may make an effort to move away from where we were born and grew up but the truth of the matter is where we come from, our cultural heritage and our history is all part of who we are and just like our families are out of our control.

Partial control

Now let’s look at some of the things and events in your life that you have partial control over. With Partial control we are speaking about all those things we neither have complete control over and it’s neither out of our control. The best examples are relationships with others. Everywhere we interact with others, be it marriage, friends or family we neither have complete control over others and it’s neither out of our control. Every relationship is only there because it requires more than one person.

Other things we only have partial control over are the economy and politics. You may argue with me and a lot of us try and put these events under the no control category, the truth of the matter is both the economy and politics are people based systems and as such we do actually have partial control. We can choose to not participate but in both politics and economics we can’t truly pull away. As humans we need to eat, sleep and socialise, both systems support this perfectly. It’s developed naturally over thousands of years by our very own input. And the role we play in called influence.

What’s interesting is a lot of us decide that the things and events we only have partial control over we assume we have full control over. With relationships as the perfect example, how many of you have said “I will make this relationship work this time” “I will make him love me” we put tremendous pressure on ourselves to make it work. What happens when it doesn’t? Whose to blame? We are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Full Control

This last aspect covers everything we are in control of and have control over. Having this full control can be frightening for some it seems a lot of us want to give away that control away all too quickly. Sometimes it just seems too much like hard work to take responsibility for and we give our control away.

What do we have control over, we have the power and control over everything to do with ourselves. We have the power to choose our actions, our own behavioural patterns and our attitudes. The full control we have is inside of us, we can only control our thinking, our emotions and our attitudes to any given situation and nothing more. If you really think about this for a moment, you will also see you only have total power and total control over yourself.

You may argue with me and tell me your mum makes you completely crazy or your brother deliberately pulls your strings. And yes this maybe the case on the outside. However it is never your mum that makes you crazy it is always you who allows your mum to make you crazy. It is never your brother who pulls your strings it is you who allows the strings to be pulled. And this is why it can sometimes be hard to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions and attitudes, and can be so easy to give your power away.

You may see a pattern emerging here, Everything we have no power over is External to us. And everything we have power over is Internal to us.

And this is your secret superpower

You, yes you hold the very keys right there inside your mind. Are you going to let your mind ruin you or do you want to take back control.

You have the total power and total control of your attitude to any given situation. This is incredibly empowering to understand. From now on if someone says something you dislike, you have to power to choose your next move. Do you take up negativity or choose the positive optimistic road, the choice is entirely yours.

Come on now let’s unleash your true superpower!

I want you to now go through your problems one by one and ask yourself, am I in control? Is it out of my control? Or am I partial in control?. I want you to own up to your responsibility and take charge. If it’s out of your control, so what, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, and complaining, moaning and winning about it isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference. So keep your superpower, don’t give it away to something out of your control.

Your superpower is in knowing you have control of only your attitudes towards every given situation. Understanding this can have the impact your looking for in your life. Why give your superpower away cheaply and easily. This is your secret weapon against society, the system and everybody in it. You hold the very keys your very own superpower to staying positive, happy and peaceful.

Don’t ever give it away so cheaply

So the coffee clerk was rude, so what, they are out of your control, but you know the secret now, you know your attitude is in your control so, smile and move on, don’t allow your superpower to be taken by something out of your control.

Someone cut you up driving to work, so what, laugh and smile to yourself, because you know the secret superpower now. Don’t allow something out of your control to take it.

Your husband forgot your anniversary, so what, smile and laugh, because you now know the secret superpower you have inside. You can only control your attitude towards any given situation.

If something is within your control, I want you to harness your superpower and take responsibility. Can you do anything to change the situation? If the answers yes do everything in your power to correct this, if you honesty give 100% and do the best you possible can do, yet it still isn’t good enough, you couldn’t do any more or any better and this naturally brings peace of mind.

Let’s start using our superpower right now, let’s choose positivity.

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Dhamma Tāpasā is the spiritual name given to Andrew Hallas a fully trained and former Buddhist Monk who now Teaches & coaches the Art of Transforming Your Thinking to Transform Your Mind.

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