The Monk and The Cricket

Lovely tale, never before published A meditation tale of how the little Cricket learns about his mind.

Weekly Moral Story Horishmo The Samurai Warrior

And The Question Of Heaven or Hell A soldier named Horishmo came to a famous meditation master of old, and asked him a serious question, “Is there really a heaven and a hell?” “Who are you?” Demanded the famous meditation Master. “I am a samurai warrior” replied the soldier “You, a soldier!” Laughed the meditationContinue reading “Weekly Moral Story Horishmo The Samurai Warrior”

Weekly Moral Story, The Travelling Monk

This weeks Moral Short story is on miscommunication and how sometimes we can be harsh and unkind without really thinking about what we are saying.

The Fairy Gathering

A short Moral story on how the polar bears ended up at the North Pole. This weeks Moral principle is Stealing.

The Zen Master & His Dog

Beautifully written short moral tale on the principles of the differences between Knowledge & Wisdom