How To Truly Escape Society

How to leave the craziness of society behind

Is Society getting you down? Does it seem everywhere you look our establishments are run by complete fools? Political systems, corrupt corporations, energy sucking globalists.

What if you could find a way to truly leave the system, what if you could just leave behind this whole messed up situation?

Well what if I were to tell you there is a way. A way to leave all those problems of a messed up corrupt society behind, for good! And it doesn’t involve living in a tent in the forest.

I was once truly sucked into any conspiracy theories, the 911 twin towers, the subsequent London bombings, Russian interference, political masterminding, the Rothschild family and anything else you can think of. I was angry and pissed off, it seemed to me there was 100 percent something going on that we weren’t being told about, and I was also 100 percent convinced it could be done better.

I got myself so worked up and upset with everything and anybody. I had turned into, without my knowledge, an energy sucker. I used to drag people into my world of conspiracies no matter what was bought up in conversation. I used to talk at people not with them, and in doing so used to steal people’s energy. It was hard to be around someone so upset and angry with everything, someone like me.

I found a way to leave all this behind me, and now am peaceful, chilled out, relaxed and calm. The news that used to frustrate me no end, doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I now listen to people and there opinions, and care about them. I am happier then ever and live a fantastic life I honestly didn’t believe was possible. A dramatic transformation happened to me, and I can share with you the one thing that changed my life so you too can succeed in leaving this messed up society of corruption and political B/S behind.

So what changed? what did I learn that changed my outlook? Is there some secret?

It’s not a secret and I will share with you in just a moment.

First I need to explain something, so you can understand what I am about to say. For some people what I’m about to say is going to be a little difficult to grasp with a mind so full of stuff.

So I want you to Just relax and try and listen to what I’m saying, before forming an opinion, only after you have have read all the information form an opinion. Then I would love for you to challenge it, rip it apart, analyse it and inspect what I have said, that way at least I know you listened.

Hear we go

There is inherently nothing wrong with what is going on with society. There is no conspiracy theories, or even shape shifting aliens running the planet. Everything that is happening to our societies, governments, country wars, mass media marketing, death and destruction is completely normal to us humans.

Please don’t get me wrong, the whole world is in complete mayhem and drastically needs sorting out. What I’m am telling and revealing to you is that it is the human consciousness that is responsible for this mess and nothing else. The Brown Bear isn’t responsible or indeed the poor chicken. It is our human consciousness that has created this mess and it needs to change to get ourselves out!

Let me explain. Every conspiracy you have heard about was created within a human consciousness and as so we can see that each and everyone of us have a personal role to play.

All Governments lie to there citizens, just as we parents lie to our kids. There is no conspiracy in that. Both are the human consciousness in action just upscaled. Corporations are run by the same consciousness of humanity that lives within our families. There are power struggles between siblings just as there is in management, there is present in both family and corporation, greed, dishonesty, jealousy, lying, manipulation and many more unpleasant traits. Every characteristic you see within the family just upscales into governments, industry, manufacturing, advertising, sports and any other activity the human consciousness is involved in. After all who is in charge if not a human with a human consciousness.

Just because our elite went to Harvard or Eton doesn’t make them into saintly figures who have purified the defilements of their minds. On the contrary these men and women are bred to hold dear to their hearts greed, materialism, manipulation, lying and dishonesty as the back bone of the worlds economy.

If we as humans continue in the manner we have, there will be no end to our destruction of planet earth. It is our human consciousness at this very level right NOW, with all its defilements of greed, manipulation, jealousy, callousness, aggression, dominance, vindictiveness, envy and deception that is present in all of us.

It must be our life goal, our jobs, in this life to change our level of consciousness so we can pass it onto the next generation. There is no better time to learn than Now! We must begin to change these defilements of mind.

If you are still with me and can see logically what I have said and want to make that change, to be someone special who is really trying to make a difference and escape this mayhem we call society. Then the next thing we have to do is clearly experience this logic for ourselves. We need to clearly experience personally that it is this human consciousness, with its defilements of greed, dishonestly, jealousy, manipulation and many more that creates the mess we are in and it is this human consciousness that needs to change!


Meditating allows us to clearly see and experience this truth or reality for ourselves. When we meditate we learn to watch or observe our minds wanderings. With time and patience we slowly see these defilements of greed, manipulation, lying, stealing and jealousy all clearly present within ourselves. Once we see it within ourselves we now clearly understand how it is present in our families, our work place, our schools, and our governments, finally creating the society we live in. Once you can clearly see and perceive your defilements as negative and harmful to yourself as well as others we natural drop them as if they were like a hot coal in the palm of your hand.

Meditation may seem a far cry away from the front line of demonstrations and protests but meditation is a double edged sword, everyone who meditates slowly sees the unsatisfactoriness in this constant game of buying continuously ever more stuff just to make us feel slightly satisfied in life, just to require us to work even harder to pay for it all and so the cycle begins again. We see the very rat race for what it is. We naturally pull ourselves away from the mass commercialism that seems to of afflicted the West and now the East

Meditation is like Mahatma Gandhi was to India with his peaceful protest against the system. Meditation changed Nelson Mandela from terrorist to enlightened master. Meditation has the power to change the world into that wonderful place we know can exist.

If you want to see a change in the world then it is up to each and everyone of us to change our level of consciousness away from the one that created the mess we are in. To do that we can all practice meditation. Even if only a third of the world started meditating today, the rest would slowly follow, just like all sheep follow the majority so do humans. Don’t be a sheep, instead lead by example, lead others in changing their consciousness. Meditation is a 100 percent guaranteed way to stop this madness on planet earth, and for each of us to live in harmony not just with the planet but we will start to feel calmer, happier and more at peace.

Are you with me!

So where do we begin, the Benefits of Meditation have been well publicised on mainstream media and social networks and some of you may have even tried a little mindfulness in your daily lives. What I would like to share with you is the correct way to mediate, not the capitalistic industry way, but the Buddhist monk 2,500 year experienced method of training. And this is completely Free as it always has been and always will.

If you are a complete beginner then I recommend checking out our Beginners Meditation or Samadhi Meditation, these are the most fundamental aspect of mindfulness meditation, to establish a strong grounding or foundation in our breathing before we move onto Vipassana Meditation also known as clearly seeing meditation, and this is where the magic begins. Our investigations within our own consciousness begins to reveal the truths or Facts Of our Existence on how we experience this life.

I cannot state highly enough to practice the basics first, establishing a firm and unshakable foundation in Samadhi Meditation first before moving on. This sounds the most simplest and easy way to sit and meditate, I promise you it is anything but. Just practicing this meditation and establishing a firm foundation can and will bring with it the most joyful, pleasurable and an insanely high euphoria that can last for hours sometimes days. Far better than any thrill seeking drug.

I wish you all the success with your journey through meditation and mindfulness training and practice. If there are any questions, problems you may be facing then it would be my pleasure to help in anyway I can. My training and experience can be found at the About Us Page and to contact me and receive a personal email, use the Contact Us Form.

Kind regards

Dhamma Tapasa

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