Winner of our Unique Competition

For the month of May we offered anyone who so graciously donated to this website and to the continued support of Dhamma Tāpasā, a very unique chance indeed.

We offered you guys the change to become your very own superhero, using your name as one of the main characters in an up and coming completely Original Moral story.

It is with great pleasure to announce the winner of the competition is:-

Patricia Bell

Congratulations Patricia

After speaking to Patricia over email I think we are going to come up with a compelling new story on more of an adult theme as I feel this is more suitable. Stay tuned as an idea has already formulated and the writing has begun.

I can’t thank everyone enough who participated in this little special offer. This website at present couldn’t be kept running without the wonderful generosity of everyone out their.

If you would like to help us here at 4enlightenment with any size donation we are offer you as a thank you gift our Top 10 Most Popular Moral Stories delivered direct to your inbox as a PDF.

We are very close to having a series of books published and available across platforms such as Amazon, these include our Top 10 Most Popular Stories.

Donate today and grab yourself a copy of our Top 10 Most Popular Moral Stories completely free of charge.

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