Resistance to change

Things happen in life, sometimes we associate that with the good other times we think it’s bad. But things keep happening wether we like it or not.

The attachment or resistance to that change is what makes us suffer.

I Dhamma Tāpasā had one of those days yesterday, and if it wasn’t for my training and understanding of the human consciousness, it could have been a whole lot worse.

I have no monetary income and rely on the goodness and kindness of people, everything is freely given to me. I was given yesterday 150 euros from a very kind lady who I helped see clearly her suffering. She was so amazed how I willingly sat and listened without judgment that she gave me the entire contents of her purse.

Now where’s this going, that all sounds like a good day. 😂

Around 4 years ago I was given a car to help me get around and keep safe at night. Again freely given for help received. Yesterday was the day it decided enough was enough.

The car broke down on a very busy road and on a very nasty bend. Two lovely Portuguese people stopped to help and we pushed the car a little further of the bend and more out harms way. A tow truck was called and charged me €153.75 my entire money that was just given to me.

To add injury to that price tag, the tow company wouldn’t drop me on the land I’m living at the moment, because they didn’t want to go down the steep hill. So dumped me on a neighbours land at the top of the hill. But still charged me full price.

Now this is where resistance to change makes life so much harder. So why do we resist this sudden change? There is only one reason you resist this change and is also the reason as humans we suffer so unnecessarily.

We have Intellect, and our intelligence is being held too much in high a degree. We all want intelligence, right? We all want a sharp intellect so we can appear wise or smart, we as humans love intelligence and think this is our greatest advantage. Look at all we have created, we can fly like birds, sail the seas like a fish, and we invented all sort of contraptions to make our lives easier and better.

Yet surprisingly the most educated nations in the world are also suffering the most from mental health issues. The most educated nations are contributing to 80% of the destruction of the planet. Does this sound intelligent to you?

I’m here to tell you that your intelligence is causing you all of your problems and your greatest suffering in this life. You suffer because of your memories and imagination. As humans we stay within our intellegence living from memories or imaginations. Your memories from a moment ago to 5, or 10 years previous. We suffer from our imaginations of how life should be or how you want it to be.

We forget to stay in the present moment, and forget that it is only the present moment we have control over. In the present moment you have a choice, a choice to resist or accept.

What are you going to choose today? Accept or resist your day?

Amazingly I awoke this morning and stuck the keys into the ignition, turned it over and it fired instantly into life. I kid you not. Resistance and life is a whole lot harder.

Without resistance, instantly two Portuguese stopped to help, they organised a tow truck and made sure I was safe, I had exactly the money needed to pay the tow company, even though I usually have no money. I could of awoken this morning full of dread of the task at hand, I didn’t resist and the car started first time. No don’t get me wrong there is obviously something a miss with the car and will get it checked as soon as life allows.

Try this for just one day, notice how we resist change or unforeseen events, watch how your intelligence is fighting you with either memories of past events or imaginings of how it should or could be for you. Now try letting go! See what happens. Nothing will change the situation, but it will change how you feel about it. With a bit of practice you will see how instantly life is there to help you.

Now your intellect, if left alone will still be there, it’s part of us, and as humans it will always be there, and it doesn’t go blunt just because you don’t spend all day wrapped up inside of it. It’s very much like ever other part of your body. When we sit we rest our legs. We don’t let them wander around on their own accord, they also don’t complain we are not using them. And your legs are still there when you next choose to use them. Similarly this is how our mind works. Let it go and relax, it will be there when you ask.

Try it and see for yourself. Truth of life is there for everyone to see and not just for those in some religious role. We can all see this direct learning experience if we only try and observe the process.

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Dhamma Tāpasā is the spiritual name given to Andrew Hallas a fully trained and former Buddhist Monk who now Teaches & coaches the Art of Transforming Your Thinking to Transform Your Mind.

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