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How to end your suffering

I have a beautiful task for you this weekend or the coming week ahead, that I think your going to enjoy immensely. This is going to show you the true reality of Yourself, and free you from suffering.

Are you with me?

If you are suffering from a lack of self belief, self confidence, low self esteem, depression, anxiety or stress then this task will show you a life changing miracle. I’m going to show you that you are not suffering from the process of life.

What you are really suffering from are your memories and imaginations, your intelligence of your mind if you like.

Your problem is one of your memories and imagination, you suffer because of memories from 1, 5, or even 10 years ago and your imaginations of what and how life should be.

Why is this?

Your body is constantly in harmony with life, and the energy of this earth, your body is continuously part of the universe, breathing in the air, processing the food we consume all perfectly in balance and in harmony with nature. And your not trying to control your body to do any of these things, it just happens naturally.

The same conditions apply to your mind. It’s a little thought factory processing and making thoughts from the input of your 5 senses. Our problems arise because we are always trying to interfere, trying to control. We don’t want the negative but want the positive. We have not learnt to let go and just let things be. We control it by trying to hold onto, grasp or attach to what we want and equally what we don’t want. We completely forget that this process of the mind is in complete harmony with the universe. This is the natural process of our consciousness.

And this is what I am going to try and get you to experience. To have a direct learning experience with, clearly seeing and understanding how those thoughts, memories and imaginations of past and future events and experiences are not really you. Just the natural process of your consciousness.

Once we have this direct experience, seeing clearly this process of mind and dance of consciousness that we have no control over, we naturally put a small distance there. We no longer attach we just let it be.

Your mission if you choose to except it

So this weekend or the week ahead, find the time to get deeply immersed in nature, walk, sit and observe. I want you to explore the structure of a leaf, why does that stone or rock look the way it does? how does that ant move it’s body? I want you to contemplate the immense world around you and see how we can never fully grasp nature in its full entirety, but how we can see this same perfect harmony and its entirety within us.

I’m going to try and get you to see clearly how we can never understand the full entirety of nature, and how this mind is part of this exact same process of nature and in perfect harmony with it.

It has taken billions of years for evolution to create a mind this large, and we are suffering because none of us have bothered to read the operators manual (admittedly we were never given one when we arrived) 😂. We don’t suffer life, life is perfection, we only suffer our mind. It may seem like we suffer life because we become so preoccupied with our own thoughts, it can indeed seem like we suffer life, but life is just that, LIFE. And life is a miracle and so are you a true miracle of life.

This is going to be a wonderful task for you, I know you love nature a lot and I also know your feeling a little down at the moment. So no matter what, go and spend some time in one of your favourite places, nature. Look at everything around you and see how your body and consciousness are part of this nature. Your thoughts are as natural as the trees growing from the soil or the water flowing over the rocks. And our body and mind are one with this harmony.

If I can get you to look deeply into this, and see clearly this process, naturally we put a little distance between us and our thoughts! This will bring so much comfort and relief. We begin to not take those thoughts so seriously and this natural distance is formed.

This doesn’t mean we abandon our minds, no we detach ourselves from the process, after all it’s a never ending affair of thought after thought. We naturally rest our legs and arms when were not using them, so why not let your mind rest, it will be there when we need it.

So go out to the forests, fields and wild places, contemplate this process of the world around you. Enjoy the warming embrace as you discover the truths I’ve shared for yourself. Go immerse yourself in nature. Go get lost and only then can you find your true self.

How do we contemplate this wonder of life?

Go out and get lost in the wild forests fields or mountains around your area, examine the stones and rocks, the grass and trees. Close your eyes and watch yourself breathing, your heart beat, look at the first thought that comes in without judgement, where does it go? Did it disappear? or merge into the next thought? See the relationship of your body and nature, isn’t it the trees that breath in the carbon dioxide we breath out and then give us the oxygen for us to breath. Life is this symbiotic, a perfectly balanced world and so are you, you just need to see your thoughts aren’t you, just this process of nature.

Ask yourself, am I, my thoughts right now? Can you truly say that this thought is me, mine or I? Can you see how every thought has the ripple effect to create another. Is this you? Or is it the natural process of nature? And can we truly grasp this nature in its entirety?

What this exercise is trying to achieve is a slight distancing from our thoughts.

This is what I’m trying to achieve for you, even if it’s for just a moment, that is all that’s required to truly see the reality of your existence. Just one moment of not attaching to your memories or imagination and you are free! Even if it’s for one moment, this is all you will need to see the truth in reality.

If you keep going down the same path

What happens when you keep taking the same path in life? A path that has kept you feeling, depressed, stressed, angry, anxious and with a lack of self belief and confidence.

It’s exactly like this analogy, If I were to give you a mango to hold in your hand, the first minute or two the weight of the mango doesn’t effect us. If you kept holding the mango for an hour, your arm is going to ache and start to feel soar. If you were to hold that mango for an entire day, your arm is going to feel paralysed. And the weight of the mango, which hasn’t changed, now feels a heavy burden.

This is the same with those negative thoughts. Thinking of your past bad memories for a moment isn’t going to effect us much, holding onto the negative for an hour and our mind starts to ache. A whole day and we can become paralysed by the weight now on our shoulders.

So I want to show you your true reality so you clearly see your perfect existence in this universe, a perfect symbiotic existence that we ourselves interfere with and try to control.

Imagine for a moment your stuck in heavy traffic going to work. How stressful it feels, right. Now imagine seeing the same traffic from above where you can’t hear the hooting of car horns, you just look at the traffic and it’s looks rather nice, no stress is there.

So this weekend go out and free yourself, see for yourself the truth I tell. For this leads to a liberation of mind, body and soul.

I wish you much success over this weekend my noble warrior, for you are one of the true hero’s of earth.

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Dhamma Tāpasā is the spiritual name given to Andrew Hallas a fully trained and former Buddhist Monk who now Teaches & coaches the Art of Transforming Your Thinking to Transform Your Mind.

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