Weekly Moral Story “The Poisoned Dice”

This weeks Moral story

The Poisoned Dice

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Once upon a time there was a rich man living in India who was addicted to gambling. He played dice day and night and in the process met with another gambling addict, a man whose mind worked in tricky ways.

While the rich gambler was very honest and above board, the tricky gambler was one of dishonesty. When the tricky gambler won he kept on playing. But when he began to lose he would secretly put one of the dice in his mouth and swallow it, claiming the dice lost and stopped the game.

The rich gambler began to notice this little trick and decided one day to teach his friend a lesson. His plan was simple, he smeared poison on the dice and let it dry so it was invisible then took these to his next game of Dice with his friend.

The day came and the two friends set up the gambling board and started to play. As usual the tricky gambler was happy to win. And win he did with every throw of the dice, as soon as he luck began to change and he started to lose he immediately snuck one of the dice into his mouth, unaware they were coated in poison.

After swallowing the poison dice the trickster instantly fell down sick. The rich gambler, who was basically good at heart and only wanted to teach his friend a lesson, thought, “Enough is enough. Now I must save his life.”

He made a concoction of herbs and spices to cause vomiting. He made his friend swallow it, and he threw up the poison dice. His friend was saved and learnt a valuable lesson.

Moral of story:

Deceiving a friend may be hazardous to your health.

Lying, or deception causes real pain in this world, and a liar is always found out. To create a lie requires vast amounts of effort in keeping it believable, real and who you actually told, this takes valuable energy away from your true purpose of living contently, calmly and at peace.

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