Meditations to Help with Better Sleep. The Breath Dance

The Breath Dance

The Breath Dance Meditation is very easy and simple to understand and forms part of our mini meditation series that has us exploring some old Buddhist secrets to help us all get some well deserved sleep and relaxation.

The Breath Dance Meditation

The Breath Dance is a wonderful meditation to bring about a deep and relaxing nights sleep. Using our breathing as the main focus of our mindfulness, this meditation leaves us with little room left for all those stressful thoughts continuing to disturb our sleep.

Simple start by taking a few long deep breaths and begin to feel yourself relaxing.

Now inhale for a count of three, and hold that breath for a count of three.

Now exhale for a count of three, pause and hold the out breath for a count of three.

Now repeat

Inhale for a count of three, hold that breath for a count of three.

Exhale for a count of three, pause and hold that out breath for a count of three.

Things to keep in mind

Try to keep your counting smooth and even neither too deeply or too shallowly. Give this a few rounds to truly find a natural breathing pattern.

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