The Wave Meditation

Mini mediations to help with better sleep

The Wave meditation

We all know how debilitating lack of sleep can become, and experienced over long periods of time can causes other more serious health issues to occur. Some of us find it hard to actually fall asleep, tossing and turning with thoughts running through our minds. Some of us wake in the early hours and then struggle to fall back to sleep with the same affliction as before.

There are many mini meditations that over the course of the next few weeks I would like to share with you, helping you get some well deserved sleep and relaxation.

Each of the mini meditations that are going to be shared, are simple to grasp, and can be practiced by both those that wake in the early hours and for those it takes ages to fall asleep.

As we are all individuals some work better than others, depending on your personality traits. If you find one that works practice that one, however a better practice is too use all the meditations in a regularly basis. This way it’s keeps the mind from slipping into a dullness, changing it up regularly puts that spice or vitality back into your mind.

The Wave meditation

To practice this lovely meditation we need to visualise in our mind a gently lapping wave the ones that are found on the flattest calmest of summers days, or the type found on a sun drenched Mediterranean beach.

Once you have you gently lapping wave visualised in you mind, gently coming in and gently going out.

Now I want you to time the wave with your breath,

Breathing in as the wave calmly pulls away from the shore;

Breathing out the wave gently rolls onto the beach lapping at the shore line.

Breathing in visualise, and in time with the breath, your wave pulling, gently away for the shore.

Breathing out visualise and in time with your breath as your wave gently rolls onto the beach.

Keep this up and within a very short period you will be in a deep and restful sleep.

A little side note:

I explained this meditation to my mother who was having trouble waking early in the morning and unable to return to sleep. She is a complete sceptic when it come to this “new aged fangled stuff” as she puts it. The next morning she actually told me how she gave it a go and it really did work for her and she managed to get back of to sleep and wake feeling rested.

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Dhamma Tāpasā is the spiritual name given to Andrew Hallas a fully trained and former Buddhist Monk who now Teaches & coaches the Art of Transforming Your Thinking to Transform Your Mind.

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    Wow! I must try it. Thank you 😊

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    It is such a wonderful way to drift off to sleep. Enjoy

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