The Creative Principle and Law of One

Guest Author: Selah Grenewood

The creative principle and law of one is the most important laws. The law of one is one with creative energy and principle. We liken this creative energy to the wheel with its flux. Its mechanism is cyclical, meaning, there is a beginning, middle and end. The creative energy is motion and movement, development and reinvention. It fashions, forms, renews, shapes. It remodels from what’s preexisting, something anew. Creativity is of life. It’s making with substance something valuable.

The experience of “oneness” is a way to connect with God and universal mind. The nature of the “eye” or “one” is unity and flows to a center point. “Oneness” is the source of limitless supply and creative regeneration. Universal scope in its entirety is experienced as complete wholeness within. If the experience of “oneness” is not reaching you, it is because you are Divided or Squared. You are in a state of, “I Object!” Your “I” is involved with conflict or confrontation. Your interests may be “divided,” your better judgment neglected for experiences and feelings which placed you in disorder or harm.

Ying asks us to contain the negative (-) or more active force of Yang instead of dispersing it. When we contain this charge, we are at the boundary line, or spiritual spine of the circle, which undulates between both states and supports stillness over reaction. We are in charge. Negative conditions of the mind weaken us mentally and physically and should be counteracted. 

Often times we are not fully present with our experiences. We are too frequently focused on the immediate future, to appreciate what is before us. 

“He didn’t live, existed,” is said of a person. 

What we’re really saying, is that this person wasn’t aware of the presence in their moments. They existed and did not live. They went “through” life instead of embodying it. We say “We’re making a living,” when really how often do we wish we were somewhere else? When presence is not partner with, separate from our moments, we are not living, existing.  

We purchase a watch to determine what time it is and how long it will take to reach a destination. In these cases, we are only concerned with the completion of a task. The watch’s true function is observation. We wear a watch to observe the presence in our moments and how we materialize. How should you? There are innumerable ways. You can appear self-contained, even frivolous if you like.

Without presence, being is worthless. “Being” designates location and materiality. Being is tangible. Experienced and significant. “Being,” then, determines the destination, and with presence, meaningfulness of our life.

These negative conditions of the mind can be made positive by staying on the circle’s boundary line.

We see the center as it exists, a collective of the whole at peace. We know this as our true source of being. Then we see the outlining situations that have outsourced this center, and which left us in suspension. Rows of disharmony, these situations were interference’s that lacked placement. Lacking harmony, with its centered understanding, they overlooked the difference. This leads to an over extension of our resources, and our depletion. Know that succession does not overthrow. Recitation frames the problem and presents the solution. It makes reference to what carries sound and substance. The loophole, or contentious situation, is inferred and the pattern recalled. Centrality does not deviate. Come full circle, don’t circumvent. When the path is true, there is growth as the rings on a tree. 

A question you can ask in meditation is, “What needs to come “full circle?”  

The answer will likely be revealed in your environment. 

Life connects us to the creator. We know creativity by its function supports. We know there was a creator who brought about the word of life. If we know this word as creative, then we will know how to live justly. 

We are given that which we enact. We reach “oneness” when we recognize that what we’re enacting has its consequences. What’s good for us is fruitful and productive; we know this by history and laws. When we refer to laws, we’re referring to energy. If you interface the law, you change its composition. You lessen and withdraw its active principle. Peace, does not need opposition to uphold its message and be a lesson. Peace can be of its own accord.

The creative energy is always moving us on the path that is advancing and proactive. The “law of one” will bring about peace on earth when we as a people learn to utilize force creatively

By Selah Grenewood

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