What is Your Personal Secret to Life?

The art of life or the secret to life is to breath and let go!

That’s it a simple as that!

Let me explain:

If you and me attach too, hold onto all those emotions and thoughts running through our minds, we suffer

The way out of suffering is simply not to hold on, just watch. Don’t attach to those angry thoughts, those self pity thought, just breath and be!

To achieve this ending of suffering, just breath and watch each moment as it arises and passes, arises and passes. Become present in the moment.

Meditation helps us learn this vital skill to just breath and let go, never holding onto that which causes us to suffer.

Just breath and be! Let go and watch each moment come and go like the tide in an ocean! Come and go!

Kind regards

Dhamma Tāpasā*

With just 3 questions I can Unlock limiting beliefs that maybe causing You Stress, Anxiety or even underlying Depression!

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*Dhamma Tāpasā is a trained former Buddhist Monk and the spiritual name given to Andrew Hallas. An inspirational life purpose coach and teacher of mindfulness and meditation techniques through the art of storytelling. Dhamma Tāpasā is able to capture our imaginations whilst teaching us valuable moral principles and deepening our understanding of the human consciousness and the everyday problems we face.

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