61 Ideas to Reduce Stress and Tension

How to develop the skills needed to overcome stress and tension

What follows is 61 ideas to reduce stress and tension. Stress, anxiety and the consequential build up of tension, is one of the most reported issues of recent times. Covid-19 has caused a sudden and dramatic rise in reported mental health issues. Ranging from anxiety, loneliness, stress and tension to name just a few. All types of people have been effected in many ways and getting a grip of these damaging problems can improve your life dramatically.

These 61 ideas to reduce stress and tension is by no means a comprehensive guide or list. Instead it gives us a quick reference point to refer back to time and again. I can’t stress enough how meditation or mindfulness can play an important role in elevating these symptoms you may be experiencing. If your new to this ancient art the please check out this comprehensive guide to take you from beginner to Pro. This includes accurate methods from myself, a fully trained former Buddhist monk, where I spent thousands of hours practicing and refining my own understanding of this vital life skill.

1-12 Ideas to reduce Stress and Tension

1. First try to identify the real cause of your stress. Is it work pressure, kids, money worries or maybe a combination. A key to combating stress is to learning to identify what is causing your tension and either trying to avoid those situations or develop some methods to overcome them.

2. Notice these events that are causing your stress and take note, write them down and analyse at lest once in a month.

3. Your reactions to each stressful events should be recalled in your mind and figure out if they can be avoided.

4. Try not to give immediate responce to stressful events. Take a little time to think it over rather than a habitual reaction.

5. If you feel any tension coming, ask your inner mind for a solution. Listen carefully to the response, you may well be surprise to the answers.

6. Try watching your breathing using the 5 count technique. Breath in a deep breath for a count of 5, hold for a count of 5. Now breath out for a count of 5, and hold for another count for 5. Repeating this method for 1 minute will bring a whole new perspective on any given problem.

7. Failure is not the end of the world, try to see it as more of an opportunity to realise how better to do something, always try and learn from mistakes and not to overly criticise.

8. Try to face all situations with confidence. If you feel your confidence is weak or lacking Learn techniques to improve this aspect of your life.

9. Find faith and believe in yourself and the process of life. Realise that what your experiencing now will also pass, nothing is permanent, everything is always changing and will change again.

10. Developed a positive and optimistic attitude, always hope for the best.

11. Learn to expel negativity.

12. Before doing anything plan a solution to face any negative you may face, learn from your situations.

13-24 Ideas to reduce stress and tension

13. Never live for just money, live for the beauty of the process. Life is a journey a process.

14. Help others, kindness goes a long way, for both the receiver and the giver.

15. Visit the sick and elderly and try give them moral support. Help those less fortunate than yourself, the homeless and the poor.

16. Whenever you are feeling tension rise inside yourself, learn some meditation tricks and take a long deep breath counting to 10.

17. Another method is to count backwards from 100 to 1

18. If any stress comes look at some beautiful photography of natural beauty.

19. Keeping some flowers in a small widow box or cut flowers to just gaze at. Go out into nature and stare at a mushroom, a tree and immerse your self in the shear beauty, noticing how imperfect it really is, yet so overwhelmingly beautiful at the same time. Nothing is perfect it is just our perception.

20. Practise meditation and mindfulness with breathing exercises on a regularly basis, develops a clear and calm mind.

21. Try a little Yoga.

22. Aromatherapy is another good way to relax the mind.

23. When you are feeling tense think about others that maybe suffering from more serious problems than yours. There is always someone worse off than you. Don’t gloat but realise your never alone in this world, we all experience problems in life some are more serious than others.

24. If you are tense why not phone an old and dear friend. Even make a surprise visit to your old friend.

25-31 Ideas to reduce stress and tension

25. Keep close contact with your family and share your problems with them. Family are for life, friends may come and go.

26. Go for a pleasure trip with your family. Maybe a walk in the countryside, a boat ride down a river or just a cuppa coffee relaxing in a cafe.

27. Try to avoid feeling lonely. I know this can be hard for some as even in a crowd it’s possible to feel alone. Follow others that inspire you and have good moral principles. If they see you feeling down they will generally try their upmost to make you feel better and part of the group.

28. Always smile at others, even if you feel flat and deflated, always smile at others, a smile is scientifically renowned to create endorphins making us feel better and a sweet smile from others has a deep and lasting effect on our moods.

29. Laughter is one the most therapeutic ways to release tension, sharing jokes with others will make you relaxed very quickly.

30. How about take on our 7 wonders of life challenge. A beautiful way to find true wonder already in your life.

31. If you find a stressful event is coming up try discussing it with your close and intimate friends, brother or sister or mother and father.

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32. If you have children spend some quality time playing with them, or helping them with their homework. Get involved and enjoy them, before they grow older and less interested in you.

33. Find time to discover something new, visit discussions or lectures in your area. You never know what life has to offer unless you explore.

34. Always approach people in a polite manner. Treat others how you would want to be treated yourself. Another old saying that still rings true today. In fact maybe more so.

35. Always keep enemies to a minimum. Using right speech and right action will reduce stress and tension. Never retaliate, or plan retribution. These destroy our inner peace and cause massive damage to ourselves and no one else.

36. Keep up a regular routine for your activities suck as walking, running and being creative.

37. Never put off something for tomorrow that can be done today. Keeps a mind clear of worries. An old saying that truly works.

38. A deep and sound sleep is very essential to relaxing your mind and body and soul.

39. Always try and keep your home filled with fresh air. Open windows when you can and create a fresh ambient atmosphere, not stagnant and stale air.

40. Try getting up early in the morning. The stillness of an early morning is so refreshing and allows us to become more creative.

41. After waking have a nice bath with your favourite smelling soaps and shampoos.

42. Use incense or room perfumes to create freshness, use fragrance you like.

43. Have a relaxing full body massage.

44. Personal hygiene should be always be maintained, a fresh shower to wake you up in the morning and a warming shower helps us sleep better in the evening.

45. Your health is important and plays an symbiotic role with your moods. Any problems should always be discussed with tour doctor and follow their instructions.

46. Make a habit of cleaning your room and keeping your home and surroundings free from clutter.

47. Keeping sexual relations with only one partner is an old Buddhist trick and one of the first of 227 rules of a Buddhist monk. This stops worry, stress and confusion.

48. A Morning or evening walk is a good to relax and promotes endorphins for your mind. As well as providing a good form of exercise.

49. If your body feels like it take an afternoon nap, this should not be a deep long sleep but a quick nap. This reenergises you allowing muscles and your mind to relax.

50. Listening to good music instantly bring about well being and a sense of calm.

51. Reading books can reduce stress and tension, this could be on a favourite subject, your hobbies or maybe a completely new subject.

52. One of my favourite ways to reduce stress is to do some Gardening. Being a part of the Earth is not only grounding but gives me such joy watching the transformation of a garden, especially those that have been set up for wildlife.

53. If you have Pets, spend some quality time with them. Pets show is unconditional love that is a true healer. I personally have an adopted street dog, that brings a smile on my face every time we play. He’s so full of pure joy and His name is Marley Moo.

54. Play some silly games, be it board games or playing cards, Pictionary, sequence, or a fun game of twister, always brings a smile to your face reducing stress.

55. Find time to engage in your hobbies, instead of watching television. Invest your time wisely. Read some good stories, get stuck into a good book

56. Find some spare time to write poetry or stories. It doesn’t matter what your write, but this is a great way to express emotions you maybe going through.

57. Try Keep a regular time for eating your main meal.

58. Try and Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, these boost our moods and protect our immune system.

59. Prepare your favourite meal, then invite some close friends or share it with your family.

60. Try some wonderfully prepared food from a decent restaurant may give you a good mood.

61. Excess drinking and smoking should be avoided at all costs. This is another essential rule for Buddhist monks to adhere to. One of the first 5 it’s that important. Moderation not excesses.

Building resilience, when it comes to mental health, is one of the keys to combating any stress or anxiety. With practice, patience and determination you will succeed and this will build your confidence and self esteem.

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