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To fail in life is not what you were taught at school.

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To F.A.I.L is your First Attempt In Learning that particular skill.

With everything we do there is a learning curve, even Tiger Woods couldn’t hit a ball properly first time out, Winston Churchill had gone bankrupt before he rallied the British in the Second World War. Thomas Ederson is famous for finding 1000 ways NOT to invent the light build before he was successful.

Our problem is our mental block on the word Failure or to FAIL. Remember

To F.A.I.L is only your first attempt in Learning that skill.

Whatever you do in life there will always be success and failure. It’s what we do when we FAIL that makes the difference. If you put wholehearted effort into anything your passionate about, the rest will take care of itself. You will succeed. Failure is just part of any journey to success.

To FAIL is always your first attempt in learning, keep persisting and you will SUCCEED.

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Dhamma Tāpasā is the spiritual name given to Andrew Hallas a fully trained and former Buddhist Monk who now Teaches & coaches the Art of Positive Thinking to Transform Your Mind.

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