The 20 Second Meditation

The 20 Second Meditation changes your negativity into positive thought patterns in just 20 seconds. Scientifically based and proven to work.

The answer to all your problems

This is going to show you the true reality of Yourself, and free you from suffering. This is going to energise you and make you feel all squishy inside. Are you with Me?

Strategies For Success & Change

Making change can be difficult but if your like me then this will help you greatly. I learnt some of my limiting beliefs systems holding me back, maybe you can too.

A 5 Minute Meditation with Dhamma Tāpasā

A simple yet beautiful 5 minute silent meditation with Dhamma Tāpasā. Dhamma chimes the gong slowly and mindfully 3 times to begin, use this time to get yourself comfortable in your chosen meditation position.

The Cursed little Boy

The little Boy who was Cursed to Breath fire is a short moral story, on the consequences of how anger can cause deep emotional scars that may take many years to heal or be covered over.