61 Ideas to Reduce Stress and Tension

Stress, anxiety and the consequential build up of tension these create, is one of the most reported issues of recent times. Covid-19 has caused a sudden and dramatic rise in reported mental health issues ranging from anxiety, loneliness, stress and tension to name just a few. All types of people have been effected in many ways and getting a grip of these damaging problems can improve your life dramatically.

A Course in Building Confidence and Self esteem

Cam optimism be learnt? Can positive thinking change my life, Dhamma Tāpasā explores this fascinating topic.

The Floating Meditation

The Floating Meditation is very easy and simple to understand and forms part of our mini meditation series. Together we explore some old Buddhist secrets to help us all get some well deserved sleep and relaxation.

Get A Decent sleep?

How Can I Get A Decent Nights sleep? Do these Buddhist secrets to drifting off into a deep and relaxing sleep.

5 Things that will Improve Your Life Today

Why You Need To Do These 5 Things to Improve Your Life Self improvement can be a big undertaking. With these 5 simple strategies we will begin to improve our lives for the better. It is so great that you have decided that you want your life to look different, that you want to improveContinue reading “5 Things that will Improve Your Life Today”