Spiritual teachers of our time

Finding a spiritual teacher you trust and admire can be hard, so we put together a short list of respectable Gurus and spiritual Teachers alive today.

Walking for Peace and Non violence in every aspect of our lives.

Latest update on Dhamma Tāpasā and Marley Moo. After spending the winter months in one fixed location, we are starting to prepare for our wandering life style.

Mindfulness Sayings

Our selection of quotes this week are all associated with Mindfulness sayings, or based around meditation in some way. Each quote has a Short except from a longer biography about the author. The larger biographical article can be found by following the links provided.

A little Introduction

A little Introduction to the author of 4enlightenment, the monk Dhamma Tapasa and his mishaps and adventures

Spiritual Monk Quotes

In Spiritual Monk Quotes you will find words of enlightenment and mindfulness sayings from five of the most famous spiritual Monks of the 20th and 21st centuries.