Let’s Talk Meditation

This is a realistic look at how to truly meditate and how we can really use meditation to improve all of our lives.

Walking for Peace and Non violence in every aspect of our lives.

Latest update on Dhamma Tāpasā and Marley Moo. After spending the winter months in one fixed location, we are starting to prepare for our wandering life style.

A little Introduction

A little Introduction to the author of 4enlightenment, the monk Dhamma Tapasa and his mishaps and adventures

Standing Meditation

What is Standing Meditation? Standing Meditation is exactly as it sounds, we stand and meditate, the most important factor with Standing Meditation is to keep your eyes open. Shutting our eyes causes us to loose our balance and fall. With our eyes open we have an opportunity to focus our attention on something, a burningContinue reading “Standing Meditation”